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Bellezi likes to think in terms of total solutions and therefore offers, in addition to its treatment chairs, massage and wellness beds, treatment room equipment and accessories. This enables you to fully equip your salon, practice or institute with Bellezi Premium Wellness Equipment. A selection has been made of the most common basic elements. Thanks to the cooperation we have established with the best Italian and Japanese producers, Bellezi can offer a fine collection of treatment room equipment and accessories that perfectly meet all European quality requirements.

Treatment room equipment: lamps

During one of the many treatments a good magnifying lamp can't be missing. A magnifying glass lamp is one of the basic treatment room equipment. A magnifying lamp helps you to take a closer look at your actions. In addition, the skin can be studied much better. In order to find a suitable magnifying lamp as an element for your treatment room equipment, it is important to take certain aspects into account. Examples include the magnification of the magnifier and the amount of light needed in the salon. All Bellezi magnifying lamps have a magnification of 3 + 5 dioptres.

Kosmetik equipment compress warmer:

A compressed air warmer is another basic element that your salon, practice or treatment room shouldn't be without. With a compress warmer you have heated towels at your disposal during treatments. Heat is often used during cosmetic treatments, both for face and body treatments, as well as for manicures and pedicures. Warm towels can make certain treatments more pleasant and give them an extra dimension. A compress heater is a suitable form of treatment room equipment; Bellezi heaters contain an integrated UV lamp with a disinfecting effect.

Cosmetic equipment and accessories

Bellezi not only offers treatment room equipment but also various types of accessories. From neck and head pillows, knee rolls and foot controls to medical wheels for under the chair or bed. Everything to make it as easy as possible for you to carry out your treatments. Not just the simple facets of treatment room equipment, but so much more. A good example are the custom-made chair covers.

Seat covers for your cosmetic treatment chair

Our seat covers are custom-made in a renowned sewing atelier. This means that every treatment chair or wellness bed has a different cover. So the covers fit seamlessly to the model you have chosen. How? The towelling covers are made of approximately 220 grams of stretch towelling. Because of the stretch and the strong elastic at the sides, stitched all around, the chair cover always fits perfectly. Besides the terry cloth covers, when ordering five covers, you can also choose velour or special oil-resistant covers. You have the choice of different colours, so the covers can perfectly match the style of your salon or treatment room.

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