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<strong>Facial beds</strong>

Modern lifestyles and design trends are constantly competing with functionality, comfort and ease of use. Bellezi electric facial beds successfully combine these elements and are designed with an eye for detail. With instructions from experienced experts within the field, our Dutch designers succeeded in making ergonomics meet design. The result is a range of facial beds based on minimalist design and timeless quality.

Looking for a compact facial bed for a small space? The spatial design of our facial beds allows for maximum ease of use, even in smaller spaces. The beds are produced and designed in accordance with all European quality and safety standards and have been tested up to a load capacity of 250 kg. Our facial beds come with a standard 5-year manufacturer's warranty including 24-hour service. Our main objective is to facilitate your business and make you able to carry out treatments without delay or trouble. This means our service team is available to you seven days a week.

Electric facial beds

The electric facial beds from Bellezi are equipped with several motors from the Danish top brand Linak®. This allows the beds to be adjusted to any desired position. The electric adjustment can be controlled manually or by foot if desired. The seats are equipped with three Linak® memory functions, memorizing the most common positions of the electric facial bed. This provides both practicality as well as comfort. In addition, we offer the option of integrating the Bellezi Intelligent Heating System into our professional facial beds using different heating elements integrated in the mattress. Choose either of our products such as the white facial beds and select the option of a heated facial bed. This functionality will provide extra comfort and contribute to the ultimate wellness experience.

All our products are tested using our 8-point QC system. Facial beds are only signed and approved after passing this check. Upon approval, each facial bed is provided with the Bellezi QC label. Find out more about the quality control of our products.

Professional facial beds by Bellezi

The Bellezi facial beds are covered with SilverGuard artificial leather. This material has a lot of advantages. Aside from the hygienic character of the faux leather, the material provides a stylish and luxurious appearance of the beds. The mattresses of the facial beds are filled with special NASA Memory Foam in combination with latex. As a result, the mattress adapts to body weight and heat, ensuring optimal comfort. The facial beds are ideal for beauty, pedicure and body treatments and offer accessibility to all clients thanks to the low entry. If you wish to expand the functionalities of your facial bed and personalize them even further, we offer customizable models to fit your needs. Find out more about the possibilities of our beds here. Read more about the benefits of a white facial bed.

Order your Bellezi facial bed today

Are you interested in purchasing a facial bed for your business? Bellezi offers a range of facial beds fitted to your needs. From comfortable and practical to elegant and strong. There is always a treatment chair that perfectly meets all your wishes.

For anyone looking for a stylish yet compact facial bed, the Silk Evo S4 is your facial bed of choice. Are you more focused on functionality? Then discover the possibilities of our Figo models.

Do you want to buy an electric facial bed that is just a little bit different? Under the name Custom Wish, we offer you the opportunity to put together a facial bed according to your wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions
About the facial beds

Is the facial bed electrically adjustable?

All our facial beds are electrically adjustable. Through our cooperation with Danish top brand LINAK®, we have provided a range of facial beds with adjustable back and foot sections. Not only that, but the beds are also equipped with a high-low motor and have a tilt function. The step-in height and maximum working height differ per model.

Is the facial bed suitable for a beauty salon?

As a supplier of facial beds for the beauty and wellness industry, we have ensured that the facial beds for beauty salons are very practical to use. Especially for facial treatments, they offer the most ultimate comfort. The Bellezi Cloud 9 Matrass ensures that the client can relax optimally.

Can the facial bed used without the armrests?

It varies per model whether the facial bed can be supplied without armrests. The Figo S4/S3 comes as standard as a facial bed with armrests. You can dismantle these armrests yourself. The Silk Evo S4 can be supplied as a facial bed without armrests. However, you will then no longer be able to attach the armrests to the facial bed. However, these armrests can be moved backwards.

What is the option for a facial bed with heating?

A facial bed with heating provides extra luxury and comfort during treatment. 95% of our facial beds are sold with heating. At Bellezi, we go for the highest achievable quality, which is why an Intelligent Heating System is fitted in the chairs. As a result, this facial bed with heating has as many as five different intensities.

Can the facial bed be transported on wheels?

There is certainly the option of a facial bed on wheels. If the facial bed has to be moved frequently, it is practical to install wheels. We work with high-quality medical castors. Keep in mind that this may be at the expense of stability.

Which facial bed is suitable for laser (hair removal) treatments?

Bellezi has several options for the correct beds and chairs for laser treatments. Please check out this article filled with recommended models and the advantages listed individually.