Delivery and Installation

The Bellezi head office is located in the Netherlands, but we are at home all over the world. We therefore offer several options for shipping and installation. Our planning team will contact you about a delivery date after you place your order. We offer numerous options, which we have split into 3 packages; GOLD - SILVER & BRONZE. The costs of these packages depend on the country in which your business is located and the size of your order.


A unique service offered by Bellezi is the shipping, unpacking, and careful placement and installation of your order. Our professional internally-trained engineers will set up the equipment and give you a detailed explanation about use and maintenance. We will dispose of the packaging material and if desired, we can also dispose of your old equipment free of charge (You do however need to inform us prior to delivery). In order to deliver our products without them being damaged, it is important for us to know whether your order needs to go into a basement or upstairs. If upon delivery it emerges that you did not specify that you order needs to go up or downstairs, we cannot guarantee damage-free installation and we reserve the right to deliver the products to the ground floor. This full-service option is available worldwide.


Packaged products are delivered to your front door as standard. Because of the dimensions of our treatment chairs and wellness beds, they will be delivered to you via pallet shipping.


Our head office is located in Borne, the Netherlands. You are more than welcome to collect your order if desired. You can visit us 365 days a year for this and it is the only option that is completely free of charge. Please make an appointment in advance if you wish to make use of this option. We will then ensure your order is ready for collection.