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Delivery & installation

By default, the products are delivered packed to you at your front door. An extra service we offer is the delivery, unpacking, placing and connecting of the equipment. This Full Service delivery is possible at an additional cost and is available worldwide. Read the various options below.

What can you expect?

This is what you can expect if we take care of the delivery for you:

  • Delivery in block times of two hours;
  • Professional, well-trained delivery personnel
  • Unpacking of the delivered product
  • Configuration of Bellezi Memory Positions;
  • Explanation of use and maintenance;
  • Removal of packaging materials..
  • In consultation, we can take back your old equipment.


After placing your order with Bellezi, we will directly determine a delivery date in consultation with you. The delivery is possible in various possibilities.

In order to deliver our products without any damage, it is important for us to know whether your products needs to go up or not. If it appears on delivery that your product needs to placed one (or more) floor(s) higher or lower, we can not guarantee damage-free placement and we reserve the right to deliver the products on the ground floor.

  • Pallet delivery - price on request
  • Delivery and installation by Bellezi (ground floor) - price on request
  • Delivery and installation by Bellezi (upper/lower floor) - price on request

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