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Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo

The Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo Edition is a multifunctional wellness bed, which is suitable for facial & body treatments, as well as pedicure treatments thanks to the adjustable and detachable foot end. In addition to ultimate comfort and the look of an exclusive wellness bed, this model has the functionalities of a traditional facial bed. Delivered from stock just like the other products, with 5-year warranty and 24-hour service.

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<strong>Velvet Evo W4 </strong>Pro Podo

Silk Evo S4

Not only does the Silk Evo S4 radiate class, it also has a compact design, which makes it exceptionally suitable for smaller spaces. The aluminium column enables vertical up-down movement, so the chair takes up less space than similar facial beds with a lever system. The chair is exceptionally suitable for beauty, pedicure and body treatments.

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<strong>Silk Evo </strong>S4

Fasano W3

The Fasano W3 is a stylish yet compact wellness bed. This makes the bed very suitable for smaller rooms. Its spacious design allows both facial and body treatments to be performed on it. This bed is often chosen by laser practices!

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<strong>Fasano</strong> W3

Figo S4

Like all facial beds and wellness beds, the Figo S4 is produced in accordance with all European safety and quality standards and equipped with LINAK actuators. Standard equipped with four motors, this gives the chair not only height, back and leg adjustment, but also an electric tilt function. The chair is ideal for beauty en pedicure treatments.

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<strong>Figo </strong>S4

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Modern Lifestyles and Design Trends: Modern lifestyles and design trends consistently compete with functionality, convenience, and user-friendliness. Thanks to creativity, innovation, and the application of cutting-edge techniques, Bellezi is able to combine ergonomics and design. Read more about the offerings and possibilities.

Our Approach

When designing our products, our permanent Dutch designers always collaborate with advanced experts. This cooperation enriches our products by combining appearance with functionality and always considering the latest developments. Because we develop and manufacture the products ourselves, we can ensure that our wellness beds and facial beds meet European quality and safety requirements.

Facial beds and other Bellezi products

You will find treatment beds for various purposes with us. Whether it's a massage table, a wellness bed, or a facial bed, you're sure to find something. For each purpose, you'll find an offer with different options. You should consider what exactly you expect from your bed and which additional luxury options are practical or even necessary for your work. Think, for example, of beds for smaller rooms, beds with built-in heating for optimal relaxation, or simple operation with three memory modes to remember the positions you use most often.

Not only in terms of functionality do you have various designs to choose from, but there's also a selection in optical design. For instance, you can decide the color of the upholstery yourself. This gives you the opportunity to harmonize the bed's color with the other colors in your salon. Additionally, you can have your logo printed on the cushions so that your beds are personalized.

Depending on the type of care treatment you offer, you will have different requirements. Therefore, take a look at the various options and make a list of the minimum requirements the bed should meet. Take a look at the pmu beds we recommend.

Special Features of Our Products

The wellness beds and facial beds are all equipped with NASA memory foam in combination with TEMPUR for cushion filling and medically certified upholstery. That's why we can promise the best mattresses. In addition, we test the motors from the Danish brand Linak specifically up to 10,000 cycles, and the beds up to a weight of 250 kg. As a result, we can promise long-lasting stability.

With us, you will not only find wellness beds, massage beds, and cosmetic beds, but also a lot of accessories. Seat covers and cleaning spray to maintain the upholstery, a magnifying lamp, a compress warmer, or a brush grinder – just take a look at the various options and decide what would be a practical addition to your daily work. We also offer ergonomic work chairs, so you can comfortably do your job. Thanks to the soft wheels, you can move comfortably and almost noiselessly through the room. We also have trolleys in our range. With the trolleys, you have enough space for all your stuff, and everything is within reach.


Have you oriented yourself and would now like to obtain further information? Feel free to contact us. You can call us or send an email, but you can also visit our showroom in the Netherlands. Is the journey to the Netherlands too far for you? In this case, you can register for one of the trade fairs. You will find us at many different trade fairs, even in Germany. It's best to send us an email with your details, and we will try to provide free entry.