Magnifying Lamp
Premium Led

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Magnifying Lamp<br />
<strong>Premium Led</strong>

Magnifying Lamp
Premium Led

This magnifying lamp helps you see your actions up close due to its 3 + 8 diopter. Available from stock as standard in black and white.

High (90+) colour rendering index (CRI ) LED technology allows the premium LED lamp to emit a light that reflects the natural colours of the illuminated objects without distorting them.


Why this
Magnifying lamp

It is possible that during some treatments a magnifying lamp cannot be missed. A good magnifying lamp is one of the basic elements in a salon, practice or institute.

A magnification of 3 + 5 diopters

Scores higher than 90 in the Colour Rendering Index

Lateral rotation of the projector

Low voltage system (lower than 48V)


The magnifying lamps of Bellezi are available on a stand. The stand of the magnifying lamp is a very solid, weighted 5-leg.



In addition, the magnifying lamps can be attached to a trolley, a work table or to the wall. By attaching the magnifying lamp to your trolley, you will always have the magnifying lamp within reach.

Wall/Trolley<br />