Leasing possibilities Bellezi


The acquisition of a new Bellezi treatment chair or wellness bed is a big investment and we therefore offer our clients a financial leasing option. In collaboration with various lease partners, we make provision for this via monthly repayments.

The leasing company is the legal owner of the treatment chair or wellness bed during your lease period. Legal ownership passes to you at the end of the lease contract, so you take on full ownership at the end of the lease contract. What are the benefits:

You have more financial breathing space

The biggest advantage of a financial lease is that you do not need to pay off the full sum for a large purchase up front. Instead, you spread the cost over a longer period. That way, you have the financial breathing space to grow your business.

You can take advantage of the tax benefits

Because you are the owner of your purchase from day one, it appears on your balance sheet. You can therefore take advantage of the tax benefits. For example, investment deduction, interest deduction and depreciation.

You decide your monthly instalment yourself

You largely determine the monthly repayments yourself by making a down payment, amending the duration, or making a higher final instalment at the end of the term. We advise you not to lease the asset for longer than you wish to use it.

The product belongs to you at the end of the term.

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