• Silverguard Vinyl
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With our selection of various types of tabourets, we can cater for almost all different wishes and needs. Within the tabourets there is a choice between a saddle-seated tabouret or a so-called tubular seat. Are you looking for extra support for your back? That is also possible. We offer the option of providing your tabouret with an adjustable backrest. The tabouret with backrest ensures a correct sitting posture and therefore the correct support of your body. Curious about the possibilities? Request your brochure here.


All Bellezi tabouret stools have a stable aluminium five-legged base with standard castors. Are you looking for a tabouret with suitable falls on a hard floor? Then we recommend the special gel wheels.

The tabouret is easy to adjust in height by means of the continuously adjustable hydraulic gas spring. The operating handle is located under the seat of the stool. Bellezi tabouret stools are available in three lengths: small (42-63 cm), medium (50-75 cm) and high (58-88 cm). So, there is a suitable tabouret chair for everyone. An additional advantage is the positive correction of the sitting posture when purchasing the right stool. This will reduce any back, neck, and shoulder complaints.


There have been designed special covers for the Bellezi tabourets. These covers are made of stretch terry cloth. There is also the option of choosing oil-repellent covers. The covers are available in various colours, in that way the tabouret always fits perfectly into the interior of your salon. Curious about the colours? Discover those here.


The seats of the tabouret stools are designed for intensive and long-term use. This has not only been considered by choosing special leather, but also the foam of the various seats. The tabouret stools, with or without backrest, are made of durable foam, giving the stools a long lifespan.

Bellezi also works with Silverguard upholstery. This special artificial leather is special because of its brilliant metallic sheen. The upholstery has the appearance of fabric, is soft and supple, but very strong. Silverguard is 100% antibacterial, antifungal, antistatic, blood-resistant, oil-resistant, sulphide-resistant, urine-resistant, UV-resistant, stain-resistant, and waterproof. The Silverguard upholstery has a wear resistance of 300,000+ Martindale and is therefore suitable for almost any kind of living room. Standard delivered in the colours Carbon Black, White, Taupe and Plata (light grey). Other colours available on request.