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  • Adjustable in warmth & intensity
  • Spacious design
<strong>Moonlight</strong><br />

Moonlight lamp

New! Discover the Bellezi Moonlight Lamp, a stylishly designed lamp with a matte black powder coating that perfectly complements the minimalist and modern trends that have played a significant role in the world of interior design in recent years.

This statement piece is characterized by its angular half-moon shape. With the two rotary knobs, the lamp can be adjusted in both intensity and warmth (from neutral white to warm yellow).

Due to strong interest, the first batch is almost sold out. The second batch will be delivered by the end of April.

<strong>Bellezi </strong><br />
Moonlight lamp

Features of the
Moonlight Lamp:

Features of the <br />
<strong>Moonlight Lamp:</strong>

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