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<strong>FAQ Bellezi</strong>

Delivery and installation

What is the expected delivery time?

Virtually all products can be supplied from stock, with the exception of treatment chair covers. The same applies to all treatment chairs and wellness beds on display. Delivery of treatment chairs and wellness beds will be scheduled in consultation with you. We offer same day delivery if required. It is best to contact us by telephone to arrange same day delivery so that we can discuss all the details with you in respect of delivery and installation. In many cases, treatment chair covers need to be tailor-made and will be delivered not later than 14 days after the order was placed. Other products will be despatched within 1 working day after receipt of payment.

For how long is my product guaranteed?

Bellezi offers a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on the upholstery and electrical mechanics of all treatment chairs and wellness beds. The treatment chairs and beds are also covered by our 24-hour service system for the first two years, which means that we will resolve any problems with your chair or bed within 24 hours so that you can continue operations without incurring any call-out charges. Other products are provided with a standard two-year guarantee. You can also purchase an additional two-year guarantee on treatment chairs and massage beds.

Do you have showroom or outlet models?

Bellezi regularly updates its showroom and also trades in chairs. We therefore also have outlet models that we sell at highly competitive prices. These outlet models are not shown on the website. It is best to contact our sales department to check what is available to suit your budget.

Do you trade in chairs?

We certainly do trade in chairs. Regardless of your model or brand, we will try to offer the most competitive price for your chair. Send a photo of your chair to info@bellezi.com, indicate which Bellezi model you are interested in, and we will contact you with the best possible offer.

Do you dispose of old chairs?

We can dispose of your old chair free of charge if you wish. However, we recommend that you inform us of this when you place your order or make an appointment for delivery.

Do you carry the treatment chairs and beds upstairs (or downstairs)?

Bellezi installs the chairs wherever necessary. However, there may be cases where the assembled treatment chair or bed cannot be carried upstairs due to its size or weight. In that case, we have to disassemble it and install it on-site. We are obliged to charge extra costs for this because of the additional time we have to allocate to the task. If your chair needs to be carried upstairs or downstairs, we recommend that you inform us when making the delivery appointment so that we can discuss whether disassembling is required.

I wish to exchange my product

Of course, it may happen that your product does meet your needs or requirements completely. In that case, you can certainly exchange your product for another Bellezi product. We advise you contact our service department as soon as possible in this case to arrange a suitable solution.

My product was defective on delivery

If your product is defective on delivery, it is best to contact us by telephone or email. We will then find a suitable solution as soon as possible.

My product was incomplete on delivery

If your product is incomplete on delivery, it is best to contact us by telephone or email. We will then come up with a suitable solution as soon as possible.


Payment options

You can pay with us through various methods. If you have opted for a delivery by Bellezi, you can pay this on delivery with selected debit cards and it is also possible to pay amounts under € 10,000.- in cash.


As a Bellezi customer, you receive an invoice for every order. You receive a hard copy on delivery of your product.


Advice and assistance with choice of product

If you would like advice regarding your choice of Bellezi product, you can always contact us to discuss which product suits you best. Our specialists are at your service every day from 8:00 to 23:00 hours to provide you with the best advice!

Placing an order

Placing an order is easiest by mail or by telephone. Our sales staff are available daily from 8:00 - 22:00.

Amending or cancelling an order

If you have already paid, it is best to contact us by telephone so that we can check the status of your order quickly and easily and amend it.

Stock status

We can supply virtually all products from stock, excluding treatment chair covers. If the product is not in stock, we will contact you immediately to discuss whether we can offer an alternative product.

Customer Services


We can be contacted by various means and are at your service to assist you further, whether by telephone, email, Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. In addition, all our employees speak Dutch, German, and English.


If you are dissatisfied with our products or service despite our best efforts, we would ask that you contact us by telephone so that we can resolve the problem immediately. If you contact us by telephone, we guarantee an immediate resolution. If you contact us by email or social media, you may have to wait a little longer for a response.


Because we understand better than anyone that our customers are very busy during the day, we are available to assist you every day (including Saturdays and Sundays). You can reach us by telephone every day from 8:00 – 22:00 hours.