Daily use and care

  • Manual control
  • Heating
  • Armrests
  • Mattress and upholstery
<strong>Daily use and care</strong>

Manual functions

The 4 different functions are easily operated using the buttons indicated with the arrows. ↑↓ It is possible you have a model with 3 functions. In this case, the treatment chair or wellness bed does not have a tilt function, but you can adjust the height, leg and back.

<strong>Manual functions</strong>

How to set preferred positions?

Set the bed to the preferred position as explained in step 1, then press S (save) and the number (1-2-3) to save the preferred position. After you have set the pre-positions, you can move the bed to the desired pre-position by pressing and holding the corresponding button (1-2-3). If you want to make a change to the saved positions, you can simply delete them by setting them again.

<strong>How to set preferred positions?</strong>


The heating can be set on the display on the side of the bed or back of the chair. The display contains the on/off button. The + and - buttons can be used to adjust the intensity of the heating. The chair has 5 intensities.

<strong>Heating </strong>

Wellness beds

With adjustable armrests

The armrests are adjustable in height. Hold down the black handle on the side and press the armrests downwards. The armrests are easy to turn to the side. There is a round knob under the support, which you can use to lock the armrest.

Please note: Secure the armrest after adjusting.

<strong>Wellness beds</strong>

Durability mattress

For an optimal lifespan, it is recommended to return the mattress to a flat position at the end of the day.

We also strongly advise you to let clients get onto the wellness bed when the leg section is completely flat.

<strong>Durability mattress</strong>


Cleaning Spray

We recommend removing the upholstery at the end of each working day and cleaning the chair with "Bellezi Cleaning Spray". Daily maintenance will contribute to the durability of the upholstery.

Important: If the fabric has not been cleaned with Bellezi Cleaning Spray, the guarantee on the fabric will become void.


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