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Seat covers

From € 75,-

<strong>Seat covers</strong>

Why Seat covers

The Bellezi sewing studio makes customised chair covers for all models and these are available in various materials. Thanks to the stretch material and strond elasticised stitching around the sides, these covers always close neatly and give your space and more luxurious look. If desired, we can also equip the chair covers with your logo or company name, enquire about the options.

Contributes to the life of the covers

Custom made chair covers

Creates a luxurious appearance

Terry cloth

Terry cloth - to be ordered individually.

The terry cloth covers are washable at up to 60°C. However, we recommend soaking the cover in lukewarm water on the first wash to prevent shrinkage. Composition: 75% cotton and 25% polyamide. Beautiful quality stretch terry cloth. 240 gram/m2

<strong>Terry cloth</strong>

Nicky Velours

Nicky Velours – can be ordered from 5 sets.

High quality, soft stretch jersey fabric with short, velvety fibres. 240 gram/m2

<strong>Nicky Velours</strong>


PU – can be ordered per unit.

Oil and water-resistant Polyurethane. Easy to clean with alcohol or Bellezi Cleaning Spray. Ideal for massages where a great deal of oil is used or body treatments with water or other liquids. This protects the upholstery of your treatment chair or wellness bed.