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<strong>Wellness beds</strong>

The Bellezi wellness beds are characterized by their multifunctionality as well as the soft and comfortable mattress, providing maximum relaxation. Durable materials contribute to a long lifespan of the mattresses without any loss of comfort over time. We believe a mattress should adapt to one's personal preferences and treatment. Offer your clients ultimate comfort with the NASA Memory Foam and rely on the quality and added value of this material contributing to the experience of your treatments. At Bellezi, we offer a variety of wellness beds fitted to your needs and preferences, each with their own unique features and qualities. Our electrical and heated wellness beds rank among the best professional wellness beds and offer the experience you're looking for. In addition, we offer customized models under the name Custom Wish to truly facilitate your demands. Find out more about the possibilities on our page.

Bellezi wellness beds

Bellezi's wellness beds have been developed in association with various experienced wellness and are characterized by their luxurious Dutch design. The elegant yet spacious appearance of the professional wellness beds makes them suitable for both larger and smaller spaces. Moreover, a robust frame provides excellent sturdiness without sacrificing ease of use. For added functionality, choose a wellness bed with folding armrests.

Due to the spatially designed bases, the electric wellness beds are suitable for a variety of body treatments. The Bellezi's beds can hold up to 250 kg and all motors up to a minimum of 10.000 cycles. This allows us to guarantee long-term stability and safe usage throughout; all Bellezi products meet European quality and safety standards. We offer extensive quality control to guarantee safety and functionality at all times. Read about this process on our quality control.

Electric wellness beds

Our electric wellness beds are equipped with pillow stuffing of NASA Memory combined with latex. The cooperation between these materials ensures that the mattress always provides the right comfortable support. Bellezi's electric wellness beds are equipped with a memory function that memorizes up to three positions and are medically certified. Moreover, the beds are powered by three or four motors from the Danish top brand Linak®. One of which is a high-low motor, allowing for custom adjustments to set the optimal height for any treatment and individual. In addition, the leg and back parts of the beds are fully adjustable in order to maximize comfort and ease of use.

Heated wellness beds

Get the most out of your Bellezi wellness bed by choosing the option of an integrated heating system. The Bellezi Intelligence Heating System offers clients maximum comfort and relaxation. The heating elements of the system can be found in the different parts of the mattress, spreading warmth evenly and naturally. Thanks to the different settings, you're able to adjust the intensity of the heating to your client's liking. The added dimension of the Bellezi Heating Intelligence System allows for an even more enjoyable experience.

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Our wellness beds come with a full five-year warranty, including 24-hour service. Our service team is at your disposal seven days a week! We understand your business is dependent on a well-functioning Bellezi wellness bed. That's why we guarantee that any critical defect will be resolved within 24 hours and free of charge. This means you can count on our products at any time to keep your business going. We deliver the beds to your doorstep and install them in the right place on demand. For more information on additional options and costs, please read our page on delivery and installation.