Black Facial Beds

  • Are you interested in a black facial bed? The colours Taupe and Carbon Black are currently our best-selling Silverguard colours; which means that your preference is in line with the trend we see passing by. This is because our range is upholstered in the antibacterial and medically certified Silverguard artificial leather. Discover the black facial beds and wellness beds below.
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<strong>Black Facial Beds</strong>

Black Facial Beds
By Bellezi

Silk Evo S4

Our products are available from stock in four different colours. The Black Carbon facial beds are no exception. Bellezi offers two different facial beds which are extremely popular. The Silk Evo S4 is the most recent model, has a low entry level, a compact size and radiates elegance.

Figo S4

The Figo S4 has been in the Bellezi range for over years. It is a strong facial bed; suitable for both body as facial treatments.

If you are looking for a facial bed with two different leg parts please take the Figo Podo into account.

<strong>Black Facial Beds</strong><br />
By Bellezi

Black wellness beds

Velvet Evo W4

In recent years, we have seen a shift from traditional facial beds, towards wellness beds. Are you looking for a black facial bed with extra features regarding comfort and stability? Then our wellness beds are definitely recommended for you. Our Velvet Evo series is equipped with four motors. You can choose the W4.

Velvet Evo W4 Pro

But also the Velvet Evo W4 Pro. This wellness bed is equipped with adjustable armrests. Allowing you to reach the face very easily. Also discover the Podo version (with removable footrest).

Fasano W3

The Fasano W3 is also a popular choice within the range due to the look and feel of this black Facial bed.

Black wellness beds

Adventages of
a black facial bed

A facial bed black in colour has a variety of advantages. Especially for a PMU artist, we recommend black (or carbon black) upholstery. Often, ink is used here that soaks into the upholstery and cannot be removed. Especially with white or other light-coloured upholstery, this can be an aesthetic problem. If you really don't want a black facial bed, you can always take a look at our chair covers. These covers are available in two different fabrics: terry and velour. Our terry cloth covers are available in ten colours each. The velour covers have a more luxurious edge. Read more about the availability of these covers for your facial bed here.

<strong>Adventages of</strong><br />
a black facial bed

Visual business card

The design of your beauty salon is your "visual business card". Not only your expertise convinces your clientele, but also the appearance and design of your premises play a decisive role in your success. An all-white studio looks very sterile and alienating, which has a less positive effect on the well-being of your guests. A black facial bed can already lighten the look considerably. The decoration of your rooms should be focused on the treatment, so your facial bed can be black, white or in your favourite colour; without creating visually distracting effects.

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