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Blog of 01 November

The rise and popularity of laser clinics has increased a lot in recent years. Where at the start of these businesses, only the traditional cosmetic laser hair removal chair was chosen, the heated comfortable wellness bed has also been making its rise in this industry for some time now.

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Smooth Laser Clinic

A great example Smooth Laser Clinic. This firm has opened a new location in Düsseldorf. A few years ago, they chose the laser hair removal chair Figo S4 and the bench Fasano W3 at the locations in Enschede and Zwolle. Two relatively narrow models; but definitely multifunctional models. For the new location, they chose the Velvet Evo W4 Pro. Wondering what suits you best, what features go with each model and which laser clinics have preceded you? Find out below the advice for a cosmetic chair or wellness bed for your laser clinic.

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Chairs for facial laser treatments

At the time when you mainly perform laser treatments on the face, the Figo S4 and Silk Evo S4 treatment chairs will certainly suffice. These two laser (hair removal) chairs match the comfort and convenience professionals need when performing laser treatments in the sitting position and towards:

  • Permanent make-up removal
  • Treating or removing wrinkles
  • Skin renewal
  • Acne treatments
  • Pigmentation spot removal
  • Scars
  • Keloid scar (e.g. due to acne)
  • Atrophic scar (e.g. because of acne)

Also experiencing the comfort that a wellness bed offers and looking for a slim model? Then we recommend taking a look at the Fasano W3 or the Velvet Evo W4. Both are sleek wellness sofas. All our chairs and sofas are available from stock in four colour combinations with heating. Definitely recommended when it comes to treatments where clients spend longer periods sitting or lying down during the treatment. Read below the features for each cosmetic laser hair removal chair or bed.


Benefits and features

Figo S4

The Figo is the entry-level model of our collection. It has been a rock for years. The four motors make it possible to adjust the chair to any position. Should you also need pedicure treatment

Silk Evo S4

The Silk is the latest cosmetic laser hair removal chair treatment chair and has won many hearts with its particularly low entry, compact design and four motors. Due to the placement and dimensions of the rock-solid aluminium base, this chair has the advantage that you can get very close to the face.

Fasano W3

The Fasano W3 is often chosen for its stylish design, explicitly the base is in great demand. In addition, this sofa is chosen for smaller spaces due to its slim mattress.

Velvet Evo W4

The Velvet Evo W4 is also a slim wellness bed (72 cm wide), but unlike the Fasano, it has four motors. Which allows you to put the bed in the so-called Zero Gravity position; relieving pressure on the lower back. Very comfortable during longer treatments.

Benefits and features

Body treatments

Chairs and beds for body laser treatments

The above cosmetic treatment chairs and bed can also be used for body laser treatments such as:

  • Laser hair removal (The answer you were probably waiting for);
  • Tattoo removal;
  • Vascular anomalies.
The Avivo W4 Pro and the Velvet Evo W4 Pro (Podo) lend themselves perfectly to full-body treatments due to the wide supporting surface of the mattress and the adjustable armrests.

<strong>Body treatments</strong>

Benefits and features

Avivo W4 Pro

Whereas the Avivo W4 Pro is designed for firm massages; it is also definitely good to use when you do a lot of laser hair removal on men's backs. The armrests of this bench are adjustable downwards. Also available without armrests.

Velvet Evo W4 Pro

This wellness bed is the best-selling model in the range. Multifunctional thanks to the armrests that can be folded away (allowing you to get close to the face), a wide mattress and the fourth motor which also allows this bed to be set in the Zero Gravity position.

Benefits and features


There are many more wonderful examples of laser clinics that have been chosen Bellezi, such as The Laser Lab Amsterdam, the Premium Laser Clinic in Borne and, for example: