Silk Evo S4 & Figo S4: Which electric facial bed is most suitable for your treatments and clients?

Blog of 03 May

In the world of professional electric facial beds, there are numerous options to choose from, each with their unique features and benefits. Two popular choices within Bellezi's range are the Silk Evo S4 and the Figo S4. Although both beds excel in comfort and functionality, there are some important differences that make one chair more suitable for your specific needs than the other.

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Entry hight
Silk vs Figo

One of the first aspects to consider when choosing a facial bed is the step-in height. The Figo S4 has a higher step-in height than the Silk Evo S4. What does this mean? The step-in height can be a crucial factor for smaller or older clients who struggle with getting in and out of the bed. Bellezi's facial beds are electrically adjustable, allowing you to easily adjust the bed to a higher position when needed.

<strong>Entry hight</strong><br />
Silk vs Figo<br />

Maximum working height
Silk vs Figo

Both electric facial beds have a relatively high maximum working height. The Silk Evo S4 can reach 96 centimeters, while the Figo S4 can reach 90 centimeters. This is particularly relevant if you frequently perform standing treatments.

<strong>Maximum working height</strong><br />
Silk vs Figo

Space for
knees and feet

Another critical aspect is the space for knees and feet while working in a seated position. This allows you to place your knees and feet under the headrest of the facial bed. The Silk Evo S4's base is positioned further forward, providing more space for knees and feet compared to the Figo S4. This can be particularly comfortable for clients with longer limbs.

Did you know that Bellezi offers four different work chairs? You can choose a saddle seat or a flat seat, as well as a tabouret with or without a backrest. A medium pump is located under the work chair as standard. But it is also possible to choose sizes small and large.

<strong>Space for </strong><br />
knees and feet<br />

Space savingand construction

An interesting difference between the two facial beds is the space they occupy and their construction. The Silk Evo S4 uses an aluminium column that moves vertically up and down, taking up less space. On the other hand, the Figo S4 uses a lever column, resulting in taking up more space at the front of the electric facial bed.

In addition, the support surface of the base plates differs, with the Silk Evo S4 having an aluminium base and the Figo S4 a plastic base. These differences can be important, especially in environments where space is a limiting factor.

<strong>Space saving</strong>and construction

Need help
with your choice?

Choosing between the Silk Evo S4 and the Figo S4 depends on several factors, including the needs of your practice or institute, your clients' preferences and available space. It is essential to weigh these differences and determine which facial bed best suits your specific situation and requirements. Need help with your choice? You can reach Bellezi by phone or make an appointment in our showroom.

<strong>Need help</strong><br />
with your choice?