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Blog of 26 July

If you run your own beauty salon or have been employed at a beauty salon, then you know how important the atmosphere experience is. Not only is it an essential part of making your clients feel relaxed and comfortable, but you also want professional salon décor. It is often underestimated how important the right decor pieces are to the interior of a salon. In this article, we highlight five beauty salon decor ideas, with a particular focus on facial beds and wellness beds.

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The Heart of luxury
Beauty salon interior design

One of the most essential pieces in a luxury beauty salon interior is the facial beds. Choose a bed that combines elegance and comfort, such as facial beds with a built-in heating system and electric adjustability. Your clients will notice the difference and come back again and again for that unique experience. Also, electric adjustability gives you the ability to perform treatment both standing and sitting.

Photos: ©Nadine Rück

<strong>The Heart of luxury </strong><br />
Beauty salon interior design<br />

Wellness beds = Luxury
Beauty salon interior design

Wellness beds are the icing on the cake of your beauty salon decor. Ideal for treatments such as massages and facials, these beds offer a high level of comfort. Often the lying part is wider than the Facial beds, giving an extra dimension to treatments focused on the body. Choose a wellness bed with artificial leather or high-quality fabric upholstery, which are easy to clean and still exude the luxury you desire.

<strong>Wellness beds = Luxury </strong><br />
Beauty salon interior design<br />

Reception Desk
Incredible First Impression

A stylish reception desk is the first impression your clients get of your salon. Choose a desk featuring a modern, streamlined design and crafted from luxurious materials such as marble or solid wood. You can choose different degradations in this. It is often more costly to have these custom made. Check one of our partners for different providers such as PAC Interiors (Belgium) or Hoogers Saloninterieurs (Netherlands).

Another example of a German client who has done this beautifully is Nadine Rück. The rights of the photos for this blog article therefore belong to her.

<strong>Reception Desk</strong><br />
Incredible First Impression<br />

Beauty salon waiting area:
Let Clients Relax

A comfortable and inviting waiting room is a must for any luxury beauty salon interior design. It's important to make choices and connect styles through your entire salon. This will help you maintain a sense of serenity. You can use natural materials and green and beige tones. Do you also want to know more about how to create a serene salon interior? Then read our blog here!

However, you can also opt to be daring with your salon interior and select an additional touch of ambiance. This may not always involve the use of colour. For example, provide special accessories and elegant side tables to create a fitting feel. You can also choose trolley from the collection of Bellezi in this case.

<strong>Beauty salon waiting area: </strong><br />
Let Clients Relax<br />

Accent Lighting
Create a Luxurious Atmosphere

Finally, don't underestimate the power of lighting. Choose warm, subtle lighting to create a serene and calming environment. Consider stylish pendant lights, floor lamps or wall lights that are both functional and decorative. Don't know where to start? Hire an expert who knows how to combine your request with trends and provide the perfect luxury salon decor.

<strong>Accent Lighting</strong><br />
Create a Luxurious Atmosphere<br />

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