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Planning to open or renovate your beauty salon? We show you how to create a stylish ambience with our comfortable treatment beds, practical accessories, and individual design options, where there is nothing wrong with a traditional white facial bed can be without looking dreary.

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White facial bed as
an eye-catching item

The furnishing of your beauty salon is your "visual calling card". It is not only your expertise that convinces your clientele, but also the appearance and design of your premises play a decisive role in your success. A white facial bed can create both a cosmetic look and a look for a medical chair. This way, your clients can take the business extra seriously.

Most importantly, the design of your rooms should be focused on the treatment, so your facial bed can be white, black or in your favourite colour without being visually distracting. A uniform colour pattern can guide your guests through all rooms, key word: recognition effect. So, choosing white as a colour for your facial bed is not a criterion for exclusion.

<strong>White facial bed as </strong><br />
an eye-catching item

White facial beds
from Bellezi

Light colours are ideal for manicures, pedicures, and beauty treatments. Basically, at Bellezi, you can choose the colour of your new chair yourself! Beautiful examples of white facial beds which we supply from stock... You can choose the Silk Evo S4 or the Figo S4. Both are chairs. Whereas the Figo has been in the Bellezi range for some time as a solid foundation, the Silk Evo has the advantage that this white facial bed is compact, stylish and has a low entry level. Like Monastic Beauty, you can also look at the Wellness beds. The Velvet Evo W4 Pro has fold-away armrests, making it also very suitable for facials.

<strong>White facial beds </strong><br />
from Bellezi

The facial beds

Figo S4 Incl. heating
Silk Evo S4 Incl. heating
<strong>The facial beds</strong>

Appropriate contrast with
the facial beds

The use of multiple colours should be carefully considered. Experience shows that a black or white facial bed is always a good idea, as each colour has a different effect on your customers and too colourful quickly looks cluttered. Instead, you can quickly create a harmonious environment with complementary contrasts. Black-and-white combinations look very elegant. Also discover the Pinterest board! Here you can get inspired by facial beds in this colour theme.

<b>Appropriate contrast with </b><br />
the facial beds

Individual variety

in the best quality

Find your individual touch also with Bellezi's high-quality products - from the selection of custom-made chair covers for your heated facial bed to the printing of your white facial bed with your company logo. Bellezi guarantees quality and flexibility. The entire range comes from one source, so everything from development to production and maintenance is carefully checked and subjected to rigorous quality control - the electronics even come with a 5-year warranty. In need for more information about Bellezi or about the options in white facial beds? Find out below.

<strong>Individual variety</strong>