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Acqua di Bellezi
Legno Botanico


Legno botanico

A soft, yet intense fragrance, with a velvet touch. Experience this exclusive fragrance with notes of premium wood and sweet amber! Spray it in the room, spray it on the bed, spray it on clothes, spread the love and feel the comfort. Close your eyes, inhale and pamper yourself with pure luxury.

Roomspray<br />
<strong>Legno botanico</strong>

Diffuser 2.0

A stylish designed fragrance machine. Works smart with an app to operate on your Android or IPhone. This diffuser does not use water or alcohol, but evenly sprays the pure ethereal Legno Botanico oil of Acqua di Bellezi into the room. Silent and yet so powerful.

Roomspray<br />
<strong>Diffuser 2.0</strong>

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diffuser 2.0

The Bellezi Roomspray Diuser 2.0 gives the maximum control and flexibility in scent diffusion. Made from 100% recycled aluminium! This diffuser is a stand-alone unit, while the sleek and minimalist design houses state-of-art Bluetooth technology. Save energy and oil by easily adjusting the duration and scent intensity by connecting it to your smartphone.

This machine uses cold air diffusion technology to release airborne
nanoparticles that leave no residue. Such technology ensures the highest
quality fragrance experience, without heat, evaporation or dilution of the oils
in water or alcohol.

  • What is the coverage? Spaces from 50m3 to 500m3
  • How long can you use 100ml? 2 to 4 months depending on your desired intensity and working hours.
More about the<br />
<strong>diffuser 2.0</strong>