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A pleasant warmth increases the feeling of well-being. In addition, the heat is gentle on the muscles and your customers can really relax. Add to this a nice cosmetic treatment and the customers will come back from your treatment room feeling completely refreshed. Read more about the advantages of having a heated facial chair down below.

Electric facial chair with heating

You can find an electric facial chair with heating in three different models. Each has its own specifications, but what is the same is that they are all equipped with at least three motors from the Danish top brand Linak. In any case, you can adjust the feet, the back, and the height. If you have the variant with four actuators, you can also tilt the heated facial chair.

Advantages of the heated facial chair

Bellezi facial chairs are designed with the aim of having a beautiful appearance. However, this does not mean that functionality and comfort have been forgotten. You will find this back in the Bellezi Intelligent Heating System, for example. The heating is built into the mattress in the back and in the seat. You can also set it to different intensities which makes is easy to adjust the temperature to suit your clients' wishes. With the help of the heating, you can take your treatment to a deeper dimension and make the clients feel even more comfortable. This way you can promise your clients that they can expect a feel-good treatment.

Qualifications of the facial chair with heating

It goes without saying that all the heated facial chairs are equipped with a very comfortable mattress. The mattress is not only extremely comfortable, but also of high quality, which is why they can be used for a long time without going bad. The Cloud 9 mattress features different layers including Latex (support), memory foam (back into shape where it belongs) and cold foam (for comfort). This is important because a worn mattress is very uncomfortable for the customers. The facial chairs can be delivered from stock with this mattress, the heating and in four different colours. It can also be customized in another colour (with 500+ options).

Order your facial chair at Bellezi

We've already given you a bit of a hand by providing you with lots of information about heated facial chairs on our website. However, we can also understand that you need more information or would like to have a proper look at or try out the heated facial chairs. This is no problem, as we have our entire range on display for you in our showroom in the Netherlands. In addition, the sales team will be happy to advise you. Of course, if the showroom is too far away, you can always drop by at one of the trade fairs we participate in. This can be in the Netherlands, Germany, England, or Italy.