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  • Silverguard Vinyl
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  • Optional with soft wheels
Sympatico<br />

The Sympatico Comfort tabouret is the base for a good workplace and indispensable in your treatment room.

Not only the long days, but at any time when you are performing a treatment while being seated, it is important that you sit in an ergonomically correct position.

It is possible to customize the color of the cover, the wheelbase and the pump.


Sympatico Comfort

The Sympatico Comfort is equipped with a saddle seat and backrest. Both the height and the backrest are adjustable. Because of this and the tilt function, the tabouret can be put in any desired position.

Possible in three different heights

Low 42- 63 cm

Medium 50 - 75 cm

High 58 - 88 cm

Adjustable backrest

Covered with Silverguard®

The entire Bellezi range has been covered with Anti-bacterial SilverGuard uphostery since 2021. With Silverguard, you are assured of high quality upholstery for optimal and durable comfort. It meets the most stringent international fire safety standards and is suitable for spaces where optimal hygiene is important.

Soft wheels

Soft wheels Tabourets

All our tabourets can be equipped with extremely comfortable and quiet soft wheels. These are perfect for hard floors.

<strong>Soft wheels</strong>