How to Choose the Best PMU Bed for your Salon?

Blog of 28 July

When choosing a PMU-bed for permanent makeup (PMU) treatments, precision and comfort are of utmost importance. As an experienced PMU specialist, you probably understand how essential the right PMU supplies and permanent make-up products are for delivering optimal results. Curious about how the right permanent makeup bed can enhance your PMU treatment?

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Why a Dark

During PMU treatments, highly pigmented ink is used, which can leave stains on upholstery. That's why we recommend a dark-coloured PMU-bed. Bellezi facial beds are upholstered with Silverguard artificial leather, a material that not only looks stylish but is also practical. This synthetic leather is known for its antibacterial, antifungal, antistatic, oil-resistant, sulfide-resistant, stain-resistant, UV-resistant, and flame-retardant properties.

<strong>Why a Dark</strong><br />

Diversity in PMU-beds:
The Right Bed for Every Client

Every salon is different, just like every client. Comfort is subjective; what suits one client may not suit another. Therefore, invest in a PMU-bed that is stable, adjustable, and comfortable. The facial beds from Bellezi feature a Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress™. The top layer of this mattress consists of Premium Memory Foam. This special memory foam responds to body heat and molds itself like a custom-made mold around your body, evenly distributing weight for optimal comfort.

<strong>Diversity in PMU-beds: </strong><br />
The Right Bed for Every Client<br />

Adjustability and Stability

A good posture is essential for both you and your clients during treatment. That's why all Bellezi facial beds are designed with ergonomics and adjustability in mind. You can choose a PMU-bed that is not adjustable, manually adjustable, or electrically adjustable. The electrically adjustable beds from Bellezi feature LINAK® motors, offering quick and easy position changes, allowing you to work more efficiently. Bellezi also offers facial beds with four motors, which have a tilt function and can put the client in the zero-gravity position. This reduces stress on the client's lower back and provides a stable working environment.

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Choose an Ergonomic
Facial bed!

  • Comfort for the Client: Nothing is more annoying than an unstable facial bed during a precise PMU treatment. Bellezi's PMU-beds provide stability, comfort, and support, allowing clients to remain comfortable during long treatments.
  • Protection against Physical Complaints: Ergonomics are crucial for PMU specialists to prevent physical complaints and fatigue. Bellezi offers various tabourets that cater to almost all wishes and needs. We offer a choice of, saddle seat, flat seat with or without backrest.
  • More Precise Work: An ergonomic bed promotes precise work by eliminating the need for uncomfortable positions. This can help reduce unnecessary movements, improving the accuracy of the treatment.
<strong>Choose an Ergonomic </strong><br />
Facial bed!<br />

Permanent Makeup Treatment:
Various Suitable Models

Velvet Evo W4 Incl. heating

Versatile and comfortable, suitable for both facial and body treatments.

Velvet Evo W4 Pro Incl. heating

Stable, reliable, and provides ultimate convenience with adjustable armrests.

Fasano W3 Incl. heating

Elegant and compact, ideal for limited spaces and various treatments.

Silk Evo S4 Incl. heating

Radiates class and features a compact design, perfect for smaller spaces.

<strong>Permanent Makeup Treatment: </strong><br />
Various Suitable Models<br />

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