Velvet Evo Gravidanza

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  • Powered by LINAK®
  • Silverguard Vinyl
  • Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress™
<strong>Velvet Evo </strong><strong>Gravidanza</strong>

This pregnancy massage table has been specially designed with the expectant mother in mind. The removable cushion of the belly and chest section makes it possible to perform treatments in the prone position well into pregnancy.The bed has 2 motors, which means the Gravidanza can be adjusted in height and has a tilt function.

✓ 5-year warranty
✓ 24-hour service
Delivery from stock in 4 colours

Possible to customise leather colour, stitching and embroidery.


Velvet Evo Gravidanza

Unique in the market due to the stable high-low motors combined with the ultimate comfort that the Velvet Evo series carries.


All Bellezi chairs and beds are developed and tested to the extreme in partnership with LINAK® actuator technology to offer you and your clients security.


The entire Bellezi range has been covered with Anti-bacterial SilverGuard upholstery since 2021. With SilverGuard, you are assured of high quality upholstery for optimal and durable comfort. It meets the most stringent international fire safety standards and is suitable for spaces where optimal hygiene is important.


All Bellezi treatment chairs and wellness beds are equipped with our Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress™ as standard. Bellezi looked primarily at market leaders in the field of sleeping when developing our own mattresses. It became important to develop a mattress compound suitable for every client and therefore without a distinction in comfort in respect of posture or body weight.

Velvet Evo Gravidanza

<strong>Advantages</strong><br />
Velvet Evo Gravidanza


  • Length 195 - 205 cm
  • Width 78 cm
  • Height 65 - 105 cm
  • Weight 138 kg
  • Max. load 300 kg

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  • Extendable headrest
  • Face recess for massages
  • Linak Memory function (3)
  • Foldaway armrests
  • Electrically adjustable height
  • Standby 50/60Hz frequency
  • Max. 90 Watt

A traditional massage table is often perceived as very uncomfortable by pregnant women. Lying on the stomach during the massage is often not even possible, making treatments inherently impractical. At Bellezi, we have designed the Evo Gravidanza pregnancy massage table specifically for pregnant women. This massage table features cut-outs at the stomach and chest areas to avoid uncomfortable pressure on these spots. Thanks to its unique shape, this massage table is the ideal choice for treating pregnant women. Learn more about the pregnancy massage table here.

Options & Quality of Pregnancy Massage Table

Our massage table for pregnancy can be adjusted to accommodate different stages of pregnancy. Depending on the size of the belly, the abdominal cut-out in this table can be enlarged or reduced. The table is equipped with various cushions that can be placed or removed from the belly area, creating space. This ensures that women in the first, second, and third trimesters can lie comfortably and relax well. The pregnancy massage table has been rigorously tested to ensure that it meets all safety and quality standards.

Benefits of the Pregnancy Massage Table

In addition to the chest and abdominal cut-outs, the pregnancy massage table comes standard with a face recess. The armrests can be lowered, and the side can be adjusted, making it easy to massage close to the neck muscles. As a result, the Velvet Evo Gravidanza offers similar benefits to other models in the Velvet Evo line. Furthermore, the pregnancy massage table is equipped with high-low motors from the LINAK® brand. This Scandinavian motor supplier is known for quality and reliability. These motors make it easy to adjust the pregnancy massage table up to 105 centimeters in height, allowing massages to be performed while standing.

Stable Massage Table for Pregnant Women

As a therapist, you want to provide everyone with the best possible experience. This experience begins with being able to lie comfortably on a massage table as a pregnant woman. We have considered a comfortable mattress so that you can relax and the massage can be performed well. Bellezi has focused on quality and ergonomics without compromising the aesthetics of the massage table. Our pregnancy massage tables are therefore perfectly equipped for treatments. The pregnancy massage table features a Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress™. This mattress contains Premium Memory Foam, which responds to body heat and molds to the body.

Covering for Pregnancy Massage Table

The covering of Bellezi massage tables is from the Silverguard brand. This brand exudes quality and durability and lasts a long time due to its high abrasion resistance. Silverguard covering for your massage table for pregnancy is available in stock in four different colors: black, white, taupe, and plata. This ensures that there is always a color that fits perfectly with your massage practice. The Silverguard covering contains silver ions, which act as a natural and environmentally friendly bactericide for ultimate protection.

Buying a Massage Table for Pregnant Women?

Are you interested in purchasing a pregnancy massage table? Please feel free to contact us so that we can inform you about the options. You can also visit us at our showroom in the Netherlands or come by one of the trades shows we participate in. This way, you can view and test the pregnancy massage tables.

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