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Velvet Evo

From € 3695,-

  • Powered by LINAK®
  • Silverguard Vinyl
  • Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress™
<strong>Velvet Evo</strong><br />
Gravidanza<br />

This pregnancy massage bed is specially designed with the expectant mother in mind. The removable cushion of the abdomen and chest section allows treatments to be performed in the prone position well into pregnancy.

5 years warranty
Standard 24-hour service
Available from stock with heating

Possible to customize leather color, stitching and embroidery.


Velvet Evo Gravidanza

Unique in the market due to the stable high-low motors combined with the ultimate comfort that the Velvet Evo series carries.


All Bellezi chairs and beds are developed and tested to the extreme in partnership with LINAK® actuator technology to offer you and your clients security.


The entire Bellezi range has been covered with Anti-bacterial SilverGuard upholstery since 2021. With SilverGuard, you are assured of high-quality upholstery for optimal and durable comfort. It meets the most stringent international fire safety standards and is suitable for spaces where optimal hygiene is important.


All Bellezi treatment chairs and wellness beds are equipped with our Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress™ as standard. Bellezi looked primarily at market leaders in the field of sleeping when developing our own mattresses. It became important to develop a mattress compound suitable for every client and therefore without a distinction in comfort in respect of posture or body weight.

Velvet Evo Gravidanza

<strong>Benefits</strong><br />
Velvet Evo Gravidanza<br />


  • Length 195 - 210 cm
  • Width of lying area 77 cm
  • Height 64 - 105 cm
  • Weight 138 kg
  • Max. load 300 kg

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  • Extendable headrest
  • Facial cutout for massages
  • Linak Memory functie (3)
  • Folding armrests
  • Electrically adjustable height
  • Stand-by 50/60Hz frequentie
  • Max. 90 Watt

Massage bed for pregnant women

Do you have your own massage salon? Then you probably get pregnant clients on a regular basis who would like a massage. Because especially during pregnancy, it's important to avoid tension and stress. With a massage you can achieve both. To make the massage really comfortable, you need a massage bed for pregnant women. This is a massage bed with a cutout for the belly, so that the belly and chest do not experience uncomfortable pressure, when massaging the back or neck. Read more about the massage bed for pregnant women here.

Benefits of a massage bed for pregnant women

Our massage bed for pregnant women can be adapted to the different stages of pregnancy. Depending on how much the belly has already grown, the hole in the massage bed for pregnant women can be made larger or smaller. In this way, you can ensure that women in both the first and second and third trimesters can lie comfortably and relax properly. The massage bed for pregnant women has been carefully tested, so you can be sure that all safety and quality requirements have been met.


In addition, the massage bed for pregnant women is equipped as standard with a cutout for the face and the armrests can be folded out and put down. In this way, you can make massage for women far into pregnancy very comfortable.

Massage table for pregnant women

You want to provide all customers with the best possible experience. Therefore, when purchasing a massage bed for pregnant women, you should focus on quality. For example, an important requirement is that the table is extremely stable during massage treatments. You should also make sure that the table can support enough weight and has soft padding so that you can still perform your massage treatment properly. Because if the padding is too soft, you will probably not be able to perform your treatment as well. This will affect the quality of your massage. While too hard a padding will be uncomfortable for the pregnant women. Therefore, our pregnancy massage beds are perfectly equipped for your work, but are also very comfortable for your clients. Check out all about the Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress here.

Finally, you can have the massage bed made in your desired color to perfectly match your massage practice. You can choose both the color of the upholstery and the color of the base. Common color combinations include a white base with White or Plata upholstery or a black base with Taupe or Carbon upholstery.

Want to buy a massage bed for pregnant women?

Are you interested in buying a massage bed for pregnant women? Then feel free to contact us, so we can inform you about the possibilities. You can also visit us in our showroom in the Netherlands or drop by at a trade fair we participate in. This way you can see the massage beds for pregnant women first, so that you can convince yourself of the quality before you decide to buy.