Non-medical furniture
for medical salons

Blog of 10 July

The interior design of your practice affects your clients. A dark interior can give the impression of luxury. A white interior gives the impression of a medical practice. In recent years, we have seen more and more practices opt for a less clinical interior. This makes your practice a place where your clients feel comfortable.

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Colour in your
Medical practice

A white background is often chosen because it gives a sense of calm to a practice. You can break this up by playing with colour. Think about a painting or an accent wall. This can also add a personal touch. Patients will not immediately feel that they are in a medical practice. A piece of art on the wall can also distract patients. This can often make them feel less tense and nervous about their appointment.

Take Caelistic Doctors, for example. This cosmetic practice has opted for a predominantly white interior. Using colour on the wall breaks up the clinical effect. This creates a more playful effect when it comes to medical furnishings.

Colour in your<br />
<strong>Medical practice</strong>

Medical taupe
Wellness bed

Colour on the wall is not the only thing that can transform a medical practice. Using furniture in a varied colour palette can also create a playful effect. Warm colours give a feeling of tranquillity, while bold colours can create a cheerful feeling. When you buy a bed or chair from Bellezi, you can choose from more than 500 colours of leather. It is also possible to have the base of your purchased product refinished in the RAL colour of your choice.

Of course, you can also choose one of the four leather colours available from stock. A client example who did this is The Medical Salon. This practice chose a black treatment chair and a taupe treatment couch. Not having white treatment chairs in the practice makes it look inviting.

Medical taupe<br />
<strong>Wellness bed</strong>

Your medical salon
With wooden floors

Even the choice of wooden flooring can make a difference to a medical practice. A wooden floor gives a warmer feeling to a practice. A wooden floor also lasts a long time, making it a sustainable choice.

Monastic Medical Beauty uses mainly white furniture in their practice. To break up the medical ambiance, the practice chose wooden floors. It also uses black accents. This gives the practice a timeless interior.

Your medical salon<br />
<strong>With wooden floors</strong>