The Medical Salon

The Medical Salon is a medical clinic in London. The clinic is dedicated to putting patients in control of their health. They do this by offering multi-specialty services to their patients.

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The Medical Salon

The Medical Salon was founded by three doctors: Vivek Nama, Angela Rai and Mahantesch Karoshi. All three doctors are trained and specialised in the field of gynaecology. As a result, health among women ranks high in the practice. The doctors have experienced the difficulties of their patients. The common goal is to lower the threshold to private care. They do this by offering patient-centred and cost-effective treatments at the clinic.

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The Medical Salon


Figo S4 Incl. heating

The Medical Salon has chosen the Figo S4 and the Velvet Evo W4. The Figo S4 has four motors, giving it an electric tilt function. The chair is suitable for body and beauty treatments. The team chose the black model. This colour fits well with the luxurious look of the clinic.

Velvet Evo W4 Incl. heating

In addition to the Figo S4, The Medical Salon chose the Velvet Evo W4. This Velvet Evo tapers which makes it easy to work close to the face. The Velvet Evo is suitable for facial and body treatments. The Medical Salon chose this model in the colour taupe.

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The Medical Salon offers a wide range of treatments. These include treatments in women's health, IV nutrition and aesthetics, for example. Treatments therefore vary widely. IV nutrition is mainly designed to boost health through healthy nutrients. Examples of aesthetic treatments include chemical peels and collagen stimulators.

In addition to the treatments the organisation already offers, The Medical Salon is expanding its treatment offerings. Think of services provided by a private GP, for example. In addition, it is setting up dermatological and sports medicine treatments.

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