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Caelistic Doctors is a beauty clinic based in Ulm, Germany. The team of specialized doctors is dedicated to natural beauty. They do this using the safest and most advanced treatment techniques. According to Dr Bergmann, true beauty starts on the outside.

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Caelistic Doctors

The name Caelistic Doctors comes from Callistics and Aesthetics. Callistry is the study of all things beautiful. Aesthetics is originally about anything that stimulates our senses. This does not always have to be something beautiful. Nowadays, aesthetics is usually used when something is considered pleasing to the eye.

Caelistic Doctors was founded in 2022 by Dr Bergmann. This doctor has a passion for aesthetics. He studied ophthalmology and specialized in aesthetics during his studies. As part of his studies, Bergmann has been to various training sites around the world. These include London, Dubai and Sydney.

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Silk Evo S4 Incl. heating

Caelistic Doctors is in the medical cosmetics field. Bellezi has treatment chairs for this as well. The team chose two models. The first is the Silk Evo S4. This is one of our treatment chairs. The Silk Evo is very suitable for facial and laser treatments but can also be used as a treatment chair for body treatments.

Fasano W3 Incl. heating

In addition to the Silk Evo S4, the clinic also chose the Fasano W3. The design of the Fasano W3 allows it to be used for both facial and body treatments. The model is more compact, making it suitable for smaller spaces.

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Caelistic Doctors offers several aesthetic services. The best known of these is Botox. Botox is a medicine that is injected into the skin. It relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles. As well as Botox, they also offer hyaluronic acid and vitamin infusion treatments. Caelistic Doctors also offer PRP, Sculptra and fat treatments.

All treatments offered by Caelistic Doctors are conducted using the most reliable and advanced treatment methods. This ensures that the results look as natural as possible. Visitors to the clinic are treated by a dedicated doctor who understands your individual needs.

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