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Monastic Medical Beauty is a beauty salon in St Gallen, Switzerland. The salon offers anti-aging and beauty treatments.

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Monastic Medical Beauty is a company in the field of aesthetic medicine. The company does this for the face as well as the rest of the body. The owner of the company is Carmen Möhl. Before founding Monastic Medical Beauty, she worked at a clinic in eastern Switzerland. Carmen values constantly improving the services her practice offers. She does this by continuously learning new methods in cosmetic aesthetics.

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Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo Incl. heating

Monastic Medical Beauty has chosen the Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo. This wellness couch has an adjustable and removable footrest, making it very nice for taller clients as well. In addition, it has adjustable armrests. The wellness couch has an aluminium base, which makes it extra strong. This makes the bench suitable for many different treatments.

Torres Comfort

In addition to the wellness couch, Monastic Medical Beauty chose the Torres Comfort tabouret. This is a tabouret with a flat seat and a backrest. The salon has a timeless and soothing look. The light colour of the tabouret and wellness couch contribute to this.

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Monastic Medical Beauty offers treatments for the whole body. All treatments aim to improve and beautify the body. Treatments for the face include Mesotherapy and Five Elements by Monastic. Five Elements is an anti-ageing treatment invented by Monastic Medical Beauty. Furthermore, Monastic offers permanent make up to make the skin look more aesthetically pleasing.

Body treatments are mainly aimed at reducing fat tissue and water retention of the body. Several treatments are offered for this. In addition, laser treatments are offered, to remove hairs permanently. Monastic Medical Beauty also offers complementary pedicure treatments exclusively for men.

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