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For Eyelash extensions

Blog of 04 November

As an eyelash stylist, you probably strive to provide the best experience for your clients. You want them to come back to your salon. For the best experience, all you require is an eyelash bed that is perfect for setting eyelash extensions. This means it is a requirement that you can easily work near the face and eyes. Bellezi offers several lash beds for eyelash extensions. Are you curious about the lash bed that is suitable for your salon? Then read on quickly.

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Best chair for
Eyelash extensions

When purchasing an eyelash bed, there are several important points to look for. As a stylist, you know that every detail counts for the perfect eyelash treatment. It is essential to look beyond aesthetics. Lash beds with a wide headrest and space for tools are ideal. Bellezi pays attention to both, appearance and functionality. Dutch designers collaborate with experience experts, ensuring that all beds and accessories meet the highest European quality and safety standards and are checked by hand. Bellezi offers a five-year manufacturer's warranty and a 24-hour service.

Best chair for <br />
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Our advice: The Lash bed
For your lash studio

Silk Evo S4 Incl. heating

The Silk Evo S4 is the lash bed with the lowest entry level. Perfect for smaller and older clients. This bed is also very compact and therefore ideal for small spaces. Quotation request?

Figo S4 Incl. heating

The Figo S4 is the entry-level model in our collection. It has been a rock for years. Thanks to its four motors, the facial bed can be adjusted to any position. Suitable for facials; can also be combined with pedicure treatments. Highly recommended for eyelash treatments. Quotation request?

Fasano W3 Incl. heating

The Fasano W3 is often chosen for its stylish design, with the undercarriage being especially popular. In addition, this model is chosen for smaller spaces because of its narrow mattress. Quotation request?

Velvet Evo W4 Incl. heating

The Velvet Evo W4 is also a narrow wellness bed (72 cm wide), but unlike the Fasano, it has four motors. This allows the wellness bed to be moved into the so-called zero-gravity position, which relieves pressure on the lower back. Very comfortable for longer treatments such as eyelash extensions. Quotation request?

Velvet Evo W4 Pro Incl. heating

The Velvet Evo W4 Pro is stable, reliable and provides ultimate convenience with its adjustable armrests. Quotation request?

Our advice: The Lash bed <br />
<strong>For your lash studio </strong><br />

Comfort for your
Eyelash bed

Comfort is extremely important for having satisfied customers. When clients experience soreness or lie uncomfortably for an extended period, this can be perceived as very unpleasant. As an eyelash specialist, you want to prevent this Therefore, it is important that you have an ergonomic lash bed to make prolonged sessions comfortable. At Bellezi, all lash beds are equipped with Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattresses™. This means that the mattresses adjust to the client's body weight and warmth. This gives clients a floating and soft feeling that allows them to relax much better during the treatment.

Comfort for your<br />
<strong>Eyelash bed </strong><br />

Adjustability and comfort
Eyelash extensions bed

You want to put your client in the ideal position during an eyelash extension treatment so that it is comfortable for both the client and you. Bellezi's lash beds are equipped with LINAK® motors, allowing them to be adjusted to any position. The special memory function allows you to set three preferred positions. The beds have been tested to the best standards because of this the lash beds can carry 250kg, and all the motors have been tested to 10,000 cycles. This means they can be used at least 10,000 times without any problems. For extra comfort, all eyelash extensions beds are equipped with the Intelligent Heating System.

Adjustability and comfort <br />
<strong>Eyelash extensions bed</strong><br />

Clean, cared for and hygienic

Hygiene is essential for an eyelash stylist to ensure the health and safety of clients. A clean working environment prevents infections and allergic reactions, especially around the sensitive eye area. Bellezi's Eyelash beds are perfectly suited to these needs. Thanks to medically certified Silverguard upholstery, the beds are easy to clean. Silverguard has an antibacterial effect is antifungal, and offers additional benefits such as antistatic, blood and oil resistance, and UV resistance. This makes the material ideal for daily use in an eyelash studio. With Bellezi’s lash beds, you invest in comfort, hygiene and creating a safe and professional environment for your clients.

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Adding protection
With seat covers

To make the lash extensions bed fit perfectly into the interior of your treatment room, Bellezi offers seat covers. These covers are made of 75% cotton and 25% polyamide, and since 2024 they feature an extra heavy quality 280 mg fabric. The seat covers are available from stock in four different colours, making them easy to combine with any variation of towels. In addition to protection, the covers also allow you to give your bed quickly and easily a new look.

Adding protection <br />
<strong>With seat covers</strong><br />

Discover our
Eyelash beds

Would you like to see and test our eyelash extension beds or accessories for eyelashes? Then make an appointment at Bellezi's showroom. During a showroom appointment, you will be hosted by one of the experts. You can test the beds and compare them with each other. If there are any uncertainties, all your further questions will be answered here.

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