What to look out for when buying PMU chair?

Blog of 28 July

Selecting the perfect PMU chair calls for careful consideration of various elements. The chair must be adjustable, enabling you to effortlessly reach the face, a feature achieved through thoughtful design and precision electric motors. Additionally, the quality and comfort of the upholstery and mattress should not be overlooked. Curious to discover our recommendations for securing the perfect PMU chair tailored to your needs? Dive into the details below. © All photos in this article were taken at Katie's Transformations, Germany.

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A chair with a soft and comfortable mattress

Every treatment is different, and therefore it is useful to know the standards that our chairs meet. By default, both our wellness couches and the facial- and PMU chairs are equipped with NASA Memory Foam, combined with Tempur and Cold Foam. This is also known as the Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress, which provides a pleasant lying surface for long treatments like permanent makeup.

A chair with a soft and comfortable mattress

Special leather for PMU chairs and couches

All our treatment chairs come standard with SilverGuard artificial leather. For a PMU artist, we recommend choosing a dark colour for the upholstery. Because the ink in Permanent Make Up is often heavily pigmented, it is difficult to remove stains from white or light-coloured leathers. An example of a suitable Silverguard colour for your PMU chair would be Carbon Black or Taupe.

Special leather for PMU chairs and couches<br />

Go for a modern look and maximum comfort

At Bellezi, we provide a range of models that we fully support. But as many customers have unique wishes, we make it possible to customize your PMU chair or couch. This way, they can be fully integrated into your treatment room. We pay attention to the details when finishing and ensure maximum comfort. Our standard range is available from stock, but we can also customize the PMU chairs to meet your needs. Think for example of:

  • A wide range of colours for the upholstery (500+)
  • A mattress that is even softer than the standard one
  • Your logo embroidered on the chair
  • Seat heating. Our Intelligent Heating System provides extra comfort for your PMU clients
  • Foot controls and a possible wheel system make it easier for you to place the bed or chair in the correct position
  • The base is available in different colours (standard in black and white)
  • A wider headrest than the standard one
Go for a modern look and maximum comfort

Accessories for pmu treatment room

Check out our accessories, which you can adapt to match the style of your salon or space. We especially recommend PMU artists to choose a seat cover for added protection against the ink. It's important that you can access your PMU tools at any time. That's why we also recommend looking at our wheeled trolleys. Or at the magnifying lamps. Applying permanent make-up anywhere on the body requires precision, and having good light is crucial. Our premium LED magnifying lamp mimics real daylight.

Accessories for pmu treatment room