From € 445,-

The Cargo is available in the colors white and black. The trolley can also be customized the company logo. Besides that, this movable trolley is equipped with dampened swivel casters.

Both the color of the trolley and the handles can be personalized.



In your salon, you prefer to have everything within reach. The trolleys of Bellezi offer storage space for all your products, instruments and equipment. Apart from that, the trolley offers sufficient stability when moved.


Overall dimensions: 40 - 45 cm wide x 117 cm high x 50 cm deep

Upper shelf: 36 cm wide x 41 cm deep (Usable size)

Lower shelf: 39.5 cm wide x 30.5 cm deep (Inner dimensions)

Open storage space above drawer: 39.5 cm wide x 31.5 cm high x 47.5 cm deep

Possibility to personalize

This trolley can be provided with your own logo. In this way you can also have the branding of your company continue in/on the furniture in the treatment room. Your logo will be applied on the place where the Bellezi logo normally is.

Stylish aluminum handles