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The Gleneagles® Hotel

Nestled among the beautiful rolling hills of Perthshire, the 850-acre Gleneagles Estate is considered as a true 'playground'. From perfect golfing, exciting pursuits and family fun to chic bars, restaurants, and a fine relaxing spa.

Discover the world of wellness at the Gleneagles Hotel. Where you are warmly welcomed. In the tranquil haven, you can feel the worries drifting away through an unforgettable Spa & Wellness experience. A place for peace of mind, body, and soul. A range of oil blends with natural botanicals are used, directly from the Perthshire countryside.

"A place to lay your head"

More about the product choice

The Gleneagles Hotel chose the Silk Evo S4 with SilverGuard upholstery in the colour Plata. The hotel also selected the Velvet Evo wellness beds with SilverGuard upholstery in the colour Taupe. These two colours are perfectly in line with the traditional style that characterises the wellness area. In addition, these models offer all the comfort and convenience needed for face and body treatments.


<p>The Spa has beautiful spaces for relaxation, recuperation, and rejuvenation. Complete with a modern take on ancient healing therapies and using the remarkable power of nature to stimulate well-being. A place where the outside world flows back to the inside. A place to truly unwind. The spa treatments are designed in collaboration with some of the world's leading wellness brands. Celebrate the happiness of your health and life itself here. </p>

The Gleneagles Hotel

The Gleneagles Hotel first opened its doors in 1924. Gleneagles created The Spa by ESPA in the year 2008, an award-winning spa with no less than 18 treatment rooms. The team consists of specialist therapists ready to help you re-energise, rediscover your mind, soul & body or just relax.

The luxury spa days at Gleneagles are an enchanting blend of ancient philosophies and modern techniques, lovingly crafted in the beautiful surroundings of Scotland's finest spa and wellness area.

You can visit the resident spa, a three-day wellness retreat and the beauty lodge. It also has a gym and several swimming pools.

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