Soho House of Beauty
Bucharest, Romania

Located in the heart of Bucharest is the all-encompassing Soho House of Beauty. This venture opened its doors in September 2023 and offers an unparalleled experience, combined with a team of passionate professionals who only work with top-quality products from the beauty industry. This is not just a place for beauty; it is an oasis where care, detail, and dedication come together to help every visitor rediscover and enhance their natural radiance.

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Versatile Range
Soho House of Beauty

While Soho House of Beauty offers an impressive range of eyebrow and eyelash services, their expertise extends much further. They specialize in various cosmetic treatments such as Obagi, Dermapen Micron Needling, and Hydrafacial treatments. Whether a visitor chooses an oxygen treatment to rejuvenate the skin or an Endospheres facial massage for total relaxation, every service is offered with the client's well-being in mind. And the services don't stop at the face. Soho also provides a range of body treatments, massages, hair removal procedures, and even hairdressing, manicure, and pedicure services, ensuring a complete transformation from head to toe.

Versatile Range<br />
<strong>Soho House of Beauty</strong>

High Quality
Chosen Products

Soho House of Beauty has chosen equipment and furniture of premium quality for every treatment room. This includes rooms equipped with Bellezi's wellness bed. The Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo is a popular choice in the hotel and spa world. Due to its multifunctional usability, the bed is suitable for both facial and body treatments. The Cloud 9 mattress and the fourth motor together provide a pleasantly soft and floating sensation.

<strong>High Quality</strong><br />
Chosen Products

Chosen Products
from Bellezi

Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo
Sympatico Comfort
Soft wheels Tabourets
<strong>Chosen Products</strong><br />
 from Bellezi

More than Aesthetics
at Soho House

At Soho House of Beauty, it's not just about appearance. It's a place where every individual is seen and valued, where their unique beauty is celebrated and accentuated. Here, every treatment, every service, and every touch is meant to make the customer feel valued, renewed, and rejuvenated.

Anyone looking for a holistic beauty experience in Bucharest will find that Soho House of Beauty exceeds every expectation.

More than Aesthetics<br />
<strong>at Soho House</strong>