Robin Carels,
Tattoo Artist

The Velvet Evo W4 Pro makes quality and efficiency possible! " Our clients can relax more and Robin can concentrate better on getting the tattoo done. Also, the chair (sympatico comfort) is so comfortable that Robin can now hold on longer than before, so we can work more effectively and there are fewer breaks in between. "

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  • Tattoo couch
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Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo Incl. heating
Sympatico Comfort
Head Rest Cushion
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Robin sees each project as a client's life story, that he can translate in his own way. With five years (and more than 10,000 hours) of experience and thanks to his passion and amazing talent, Robin still enjoys doing his job every day.

The Velvet Evo W4 Pro functions as a client chair, on which famous Dutch people like Bizzey, Roxanne Kwant and Bram Krikke are tattooed every day. View all wellness beds here!

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