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PAC Interiors is a company specialising in designing and furnishing spaces for the wellness and beauty industry. With more than 75 years of experience and a team of professionals, PAC offers tailor-made advice for every space.

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PAC Interiors was founded in 1936 and has since grown into a successful company. The company offers tailor-made solutions for every space and budget. PAC Interiors works with a passionate team that takes care of everything, from initial consultation to the completion. Moreover, PAC Interiors exclusively utilizes high-quality products in its interior designs.

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Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo Incl. heating

PAC Interiors has several wellness beds and treatment chairs by Bellezi in its showroom. One of these is the Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo. This wellness bed is suitable for all types of treatments. The armrests allow working close to the face and the bed's width is ideal for body treatments.

Silk Evo S4 Incl. heating

The Silk Evo S4 is a compact treatment chair, making it perfect for smaller treatment rooms. Unlike most treatment chairs, the Silk Evo uses a vertical moving aluminium column. In addition, the chair features a tilting function, making it suitable for both facial and body treatments.

Fasano W3 Incl. heating

The Fasano W3 is also suitable for smaller spaces. This wellness bed is less wide than the Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo, but is nevertheless excellent for facial and laser treatments. Like all other wellness beds and treatment chairs, the Fasano is also equipped with our Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress™ and LINAK® motors.

Sympatico Comfort

The Bellezi range consists of four different tabourets. These include the possibility to choose between a saddle seat or a flat seat and the choice between having a backrest or not. All models take into account the comfort and posture of the practitioner, making longer treatments no problem.

Delta L2

Besides the various wellness beds, treatment chairs and tabourets, PAC Interiors also offers trolleys and the Acqua di Bellezi.

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X Bellezi

PAC Interiors is one of Bellezi's partners and therefore distributes the products in Belgium. This means that not only do we collaborate with PAC Interiors, but you can also admire, test and purchase the Bellezi range here.

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