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An electric massage bed offers you and your clients many advantages. Because a good massage can only be given on a good massage bed. That is why you should choose your electric massage bed very carefully. To help you with this, you will find some tips here, but of course you are also welcome to contact us personally and ask for advice.

Working ergonomically with an electric massage bed

If you give massages every day, you should make sure that you not only pamper the client's body, but also take care of your own body. An electric massage bed allows you to do this, because the electric massage bed can be easily adjusted in position and height without much physical effort. Because neither working too low nor too high all the time is good for your body in the long run. Therefore, it is very important to adjust the electric massage bed to a height that allows you to work ergonomically.

Furthermore, we also sell comfortable work chairs that you can use, for example, during a foot massage and that perfectly complement the work on the electric massage bed. You can choose from a saddle or bucket seat and with or without a backrest. You can also choose which wheels you would like to have. For example the soft wheels, which make it easy for you to move easily, but not slip away.

The electric massage bed offers many possibilities

Our electric massage beds are extremely well suited for relaxation and sports massages. They are comfortable for your clients, but at the same time are fully geared to the massage procedures. The Silverguard upholstery of the comfortable mattress is of high quality and medically tested. We always have the standard colours such as carbon and white in stock, but you can also choose custom-made from many other colours to design the electric massage bed completely according to your wishes.

The electric massage bed is equipped with one to three motors. The motors are from the Danish brand Linak and are therefore of excellent quality. With one motor you can only adjust the height of the massage bed electrically, while with three motors you also have the option of adjusting the leg or backrest.

Electric cosmetic massage bed

If you also offer cosmetic treatments in addition to massages, the electric massage bed can still be practical. This is because the electric bed has a removable foot section, making it ideal for pedicures. If the focus of your customers is often on a physiotherapy treatment, you should take a closer look at the advantages of an electric massage beds. For the wellness treatments we would like to refer you to our wellness beds.

Buy an electric massage bed

Are you still unsure which electric massage bed is right for you? Then you are welcome to visit our showroom in the Netherlands so that you can see the different models in person. Is the journey to the Netherlands too far for you? Then you can also drop by at one of the trade fairs where we are exhibiting our products. You can get personal advice both in our showroom and at the fair. Because it is not so easy to find the right massage bed for your work. That is why we are happy to help you with your selection. Would you like to visit us at a trade fair? Then send us an e-mail with your details so that we can endeavour to get you free tickets.