Our 4 tips: Massage room design

Blog of 18 March

Nowadays, stress and tension are inevitable. How pleasant it is to be in a calm and relaxed environment to boost the well-being of body and mind. As a masseur, you want to offer your clients complete relaxation. A calm and beautiful massage room is an important aspect of your treatment. Want to decorate a massage room? In this blog, we give you 4 tips for the perfect decoration of your massage room.

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Tip 1: Room & furnishings
Massage room design

The first step in setting up a massage room is to choose the right space. Select a room large enough to accommodate a comfortable massage bed, storage space for utensils, and possibly some decorative elements. To keep the massage room relaxing, it is important to maintain cleanliness and order. Bellezi offers various trolleys with drawers where you can store your belongings.

Tip 1: Room & furnishings<br />
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Tip 2: Choosing the perfect
Massage bed

Place the massage bed in the center and make sure you have enough space to move around it. If you perform massages with a lot of pressure, choose a bed with two pillars underneath. This distributes the weight and provides more stability.

Creating a comfortable and inviting environment is crucial for a successful massage room. Invest in a high-quality massage bed with comfortable upholstery and adjustable features for optimal client support. Provide soft, luxurious towels and bedding to enhance comfort.

Tip 2: Choosing the perfect <br />
<strong>Massage bed</strong><br />

Massage room interior
Massage beds Bellezi

Avivo W4 Pro Incl. heating

The Avivo massage bed is a high-quality massage bed, ideal for body treatments and massages. Thanks to the beautiful wooden frame, the Avivo fits perfectly in a stylish massage room. This bed offers height, back, and leg adjustment for optimal comfort and flexibility. In addition, this massage bed is extra wide which is perceived as extremely comfortable.

Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo Incl. heating

The Velvet EVO W4 Pro Podo is a multifunctional wellness bed. This model has several functions making it easy to use for many different treatments. It features height, back, leg, and tilt adjustments and is equipped with four LINAK® motors.

Velvet Evo Gravidanza

The Velvet Evo Gravidanza is a massage bed specially designed for expectant mothers. Thanks to several removable cushions on the abdominal area, treatments can be performed well into pregnancy.

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Tip 3: Atmosphere & lighting
Massage room

The ambiance of the room plays a crucial role in promoting relaxation and well-being. Choose soothing colours for the walls, such as soft pastels or natural earth tones, which promote a sense of calm and harmony. Incorporate natural elements into the décor of your relaxation room, such as plants or stones, to create a sense of connection with nature. Do this, for example, in the waiting room (see photo for an example).

Lighting is also very important. Avoid harsh, direct light and choose soft, dimmed lighting instead. Or make use of beautiful natural daylight.

Tip 3: Atmosphere & lighting <br />
<strong>Massage room</strong><br />

Tip 4: Equipment & scent

Small details like an aroma diffuser with soothing essential oils, a selection of relaxing music, and an assortment of tea and water for post-treatment hydration are invaluable to the overall experience. Also, pay attention to the decoration of the massage room. Choose durable furniture and high-quality accessories that are not only functional but also contribute to the aesthetics of the room.

Tip 4: Equipment & scent<strong><br />
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