New at Bellezi: Silk Evo Podo
Electric pedicure chair

Blog of 06 February

We proudly present the latest model from the Bellezi collection, specially designed for professional pedicures. The Silk Evo line is expanded with the new Pedicure Chair: the Silk Evo Podo.

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Pedicure chair: Silk Evo Podo

This electric pedicure chair with heating meets all the basic requirements applied in the design of the Silk Evo S4, complemented by two separately adjustable leg sections. Thanks to its compact design and low entry, this chair is suitable for both large and small treatment rooms and is suitable for clients of different sizes.

<strong>Pedicure chair: </strong>Silk Evo Podo

Why choose an electrically adjustable pedicure chair?

If a pedicure chair is electrically height adjustable, the pedicurist can set the optimal working height. This facilitates the pedicurist's work and makes it easier to work in the correct posture, which can help prevent back and neck problems in the long run. This can also be achieved by using the right work stool / tabouret!

After determining the correct position with the help of an adjustable backrest and tilt function, better seating comfort is created for the client, contributing to an increased level of relaxation.

Why choose an <strong>electrically adjustable pedicure chair?</strong>

Bellezi Pedicure Chairs - Three Options:

Silk Evo Podo Incl. heating

The latest addition to the Bellezi range is characterized by three LINAK® motors and two manually adjustable leg sections. Equipped with the super-soft Cloud 9 Mattress™ and can be delivered from stock within two weeks, including an intelligent heating system. Highly recommended, especially in winter!

Silk Evo S4 Incl. heating

The Silk Evo S4 has held a valued place in the range for some time. In contrast to the Podo version, the S4 is equipped with an additional LINAK® motor, with the leg section also being electrically adjustable. Available from stock in the colors black, white, taupe, and light gray.

Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo Incl. heating

For those who desire even more comfort and do not require two adjustable leg sections, this wellness lounger (or luxurious spa pedicure chair 😉) is recommended! The most popular model in the Bellezi collection with four motors, seating position option, and detachable foot section.

<strong>Bellezi Pedicure Chairs - </strong>Three Options:

Trend 2024 - Pedicure Chair with Foot Bath:

At Bellezi, the beds and chairs are covered with Silverguard leather.. In addition to many other benefits, this cover is also oil, water, and blood-resistant. Which can come in handy for some pedicure treatments. However, in 2024, we are seeing fewer pedicure chairs with foot baths.

Why? Wellspa360 reports that waterless pedicures are being promoted as more hygienic, environmentally friendly, and better for nail health. The number of searches on Yelp has increased by 177% compared to the previous year.

<strong>Trend 2024 - </strong>Pedicure Chair with Foot Bath: