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Blog of 16 May

A facial bed in black can be a stylish addition to your treatment room; it adds a touch of elegance to a space. A electric facial bed black in colour fits perfectly into any treatment room. Regardless of whether you choose a modern or a classic look, a black facial bed will always add a stylish touch to your treatment room. Interested in our top 3 black facial beds? Then read on quickly!

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Black facial bed

A black facial bed offers a variety of advantages. Especially for a PMU specialist, we recommend black upholstery. Often, during these treatments, we work with a high concentration of pigment that could soak into the upholstery. With white or other light colours, this can pose an aesthetic problem. This does not have to be the situation, but preventing is better than curing! Besides a black electric facial bed, your preference may also be for a black wellness bed, which Bellezi also offers.

<strong>Advantages </strong><br />
Black facial bed<br />

The various advantages
Black facial bed

  • Black upholstery prevents stains from ink and other materials.
  • Black reflects professionalism, elegance and timelessness in your treatment room.
  • Black facial beds are timeless and fit the trend hotel chic, for example.
  • Black upholstery blends more easily with other furniture and accessories.
  • Bellezi's black-coloured facial beds have Silverguard upholstery for durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Black is less likely to discolour due to sunlight and chemicals, which can affect the durability of the upholstery.
<strong>The various advantages </strong><br />
Black facial bed

Facial beds

Silk Evo S4 Incl. heating
  • De Silk Evo S4 is a low-entrymodel with a compact size, featuring an elegant appearance.
Figo S4 Incl. heating
  • De Figo S4 features four LINAK® motors with height, back and leg adjustment and an electric tilt function.
Silk Evo Podo Incl. heating
  • De Silk Evo Podo offers optimal support due to its adjustable leg supports, adjustable backrest, tilt function and height adjustment option.
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Facial beds

Facial beds
Qualitative and luxurious

Bellezi's black facial beds are equipped with LINAK® motors that enable positions where comfort is perceived as maximum, improved ergonomics and flexible systems with optional safety features. All components are thoroughly tested and comply with international medical standards. While the appearance of a black facial bed is important, quality should never be compromised. Our electric facial beds are exactly that, a luxurious look and feel as well as quality for any treatment room. They meet all European quality standards and are equipped with a heating system.

<strong>Facial beds</strong><br />
Qualitative and luxurious

Colour Choices and Covers
Specific requests

If you prefer a different colour, Bellezi offers up to 500 different options for facial beds. In addition, you can also decide to choose a cover for your facial bed. Our covers are available immediately in four different colours and made of high-quality, washable stretch terry fabrics. These covers protect your bed from wear and stains and ensure that your electric facial bed always looks neat and professional. If required, we can also customise the bed cover to your specific preferences.

<strong><strong>Colour Choices and Covers</strong></strong><br />
Specific requests

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