Silk Evo Podo
Incl. heating

For € 3270,-

  • Powered by LINAK®
  • Silverguard Vinyl
  • Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress™
<strong>Silk Evo Podo</strong><br />
Incl. heating

With pleasure, we present the latest model from the Bellezi collection, specially designed for professional pedicurists. This model features electric height adjustment, a tilting function, and an adjustable backrest, along with two manually adjustable leg supports for optimal comfort and support.

5 years warranty
Standard 24-hour service
Available from stock with heating

Possible to customize leather color, stitching and embroidery.


Silk Evo Podo

The aluminium column enables vertical up-down movement, so the chair takes up less space than similar treatment chairs with a lever system. The chair is exceptionally suitable for pedicure & beauty treatments.


All Bellezi chairs and beds are developed and tested to the extreme in partnership with LINAK® actuator technology to offer you and your clients security.


Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress™The entire Bellezi range has been covered with Anti-bacterial SilverGuard upholstery since 2021. With SilverGuard, you are assured of high quality upholstery for optimal and durable comfort. It meets the most stringent international fire safety standards and is suitable for spaces where optimal hygiene is important.


All Bellezi treatment chairs and wellness beds are equipped with our Cloud 9 Super Soft Mattress™ as standard. Bellezi looked primarily at market leaders in the field of sleeping when developing our own mattresses. It became important to develop a mattress compound suitable for every client and therefore without a distinction in comfort in respect of posture or body weight.


The most optimal experience during a treatment is coupled with the right temperature of the treatment chair or wellness bed. The electric chair heating function heats your cold treatment chair or wellness bed as soon as you switch it on and therefore provides enhanced comfort when seated or laying down. Read more about the Intelligent Heating System here.

Silk Evo Podo

<strong>Benefits</strong><br />
Silk Evo Podo


  • Length 185 - 215 cm
  • Width with armrests 86 cm
  • Seat width 64 cm
  • Height 57 - 97 cm
  • Weight 95 kg
  • Max. load 250 kg

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  • Extendable headrest
  • Linak Memory function (3)
  • Folding armrests
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Electrically adjustable backrest
  • Manually adjustable leg sections.
  • Electric tilt function
  • Facial cutout for massages
  • Stand-by 50/60Hz frequency
  • Max. 90 Watt

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