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Why Bellezi?

Why choose Bellezi?
Here are 4 good reasons.

1. Everything in-house
Bellezi manages everything in-house. From production to installation and maintenance. Since design and production are under our own management, we are not dependent on wholesalers and we are very flexible. This also gives us the ability to produce customised products.

2. Quick delivery worldwide
We deliver our products anywhere in the world within 2 to 3 days. This is possible thanks to the right logistics partners and collaborations worldwide. In addition, we have over 250 chairs and beds in stock, which means virtually all models are available for delivery from stock immediately.


3. Partnerships guarantee quality
To produce a quality product, Bellezi collaborates with the best suppliers of upholstery and motors for the chairs and beds. Our chairs and beds are tested to the utmost in partnership with LINAK® actuator technology to offer you and your clients peace of mind. In addition, Bellezi has a considerable number of partnerships with large cosmetics brands, distributors and training centres. We participate in the largest international trade fairs every year, including Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Professional Beauty London and Beauty Düsseldorf, where we present our innovations to the public.

4. Personalised advice
We offer each client personalised advice. After all, everyone has their own preferences and requirements. Feel free to contact us for an appointment with our experts who can advise you on all aspects, from design to functionality. We would be delighted to visit you on location to discuss the options for your space, or your specific needs in respect of your treatment beds.