Swap the seat

Upgrade the room & Boost your treatment

When swapping in your current Bellezi facial bed or wellness bed, you will receive a discount on the new purchase offer! There is no pressure behind this, the proposal is non-binding! Check out the benefit you can receive below.

<strong>Swap the seat</strong>

Trade-in benefit on
Facial beds

Many improvements have been made over the years. Not only through cooperating intensively with our leather, motor and mattress suppliers, but also by listening time and again to the demands of our customers and including them in the development and improvement process.

The swap deals are determined on the basis of the annual depreciation of the Bellezi facial bed purchased. See below for your benefit, which can amount to up to 1600 euro.

<strong>Trade-in benefit on</strong><br />
Facial beds

Trade-in benefits onwellness beds

15 years ago in beauty salons, we mainly saw the classic facial beds. White caps, white upholstery. Solid chairs; in the broadest sense of the word. We realised that these functionalities should not be neglected, but also that in terms of design and comfort, there was still a big deal to be done. In the same way, Bellezi has grown as a company and we have learned a lot. Do you recognise your purchased wellness bed in these pictures?

Trade-in deals are determined based on the annual depreciation of the Bellezi wellness bed you bought. Check out your benefit below, which could be as much as 1850 euros.

<strong>Trade-in benefits on</strong>wellness beds

What is your bed
or chair worth?

Not sure yet which facial bed or wellness bed you want to buy, but curious about the trade-in value of your current item? Then email some photos of your Bellezi item to info@bellezi.com with the subject line ‘Trade-in offer Bellezi’ and our sales representative will contact you.

What is your bed<br />
<strong>or chair worth?</strong>

Swap the seat, upgrade your room & boost your treatment.