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Toskani Benelux is a leading aesthetics and dermatology company known for its advanced formulation techniques and high quality.

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  • Toskani Benelux Education space

Education Centre

At the Toskani Education Centre, Toskani partners undergo training to become experts with Toskani products. Monthly training sessions are held on the Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo, covering exfoliation techniques to treatment protocols, enabling Toskani's partners to master Toskani products and their applications.

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Toskani Benelux

Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo Incl. heating

Toskani Benelux has opted for the Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo, an ideal wellness bed for facial and body treatments. With retractable arm sections, work can be performed close to the face, which proves advantageous for the training courses Toskani Benelux offers its partners.

Sympatico Comfort

The comfort of Toskani's employees and partners is a priority during training sessions at Toskani Benelux. The Sympatico Comfort, featuring dampened swivel casters, is perfect for both short and long treatments. The saddle seat and adjustable backrest ensure optimal seating position for practitioners.

Delta L2

To maintain accessibility, Toskani Benelux utilizes the Delta L2 Trolley. This trolley, with two drawers and dampened swivel casters, offers additional storage space and mobility.

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Toskani Benelux

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Toskani Benelux

Toskani originated as a pharmacy in Spain but shifted towards cosmetics due to increasing demand. It is among the pioneering cosmetic product manufacturers in Spain. As the company expanded, they ventured into global markets. Through this expansion, Laservision became the distributor of Toskani Netherlands.

In recent years, Toskani has evolved into a company specializing in creating products with active ingredients. These formulations, which include hyaluronic acid, retinol, and glycolic acid, are designed to penetrate deep into the skin. With this focus, they offer a wide array of cosmetic and dermatological products.

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Laservision specializes in medical and aesthetic disciplines. However, as a distributor of lasers and other advanced medical technologies, the company now offers more than just lasers. Laservision also distributes various devices for beauticians and skin therapists, like Toskani.

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