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With 23 locations, Rijn IJssel offers a diverse range of courses. Among these, the beauty programme stands out. Here, students learn the tricks of the trade, from specific treatments such as acne treatment and skin-enhancing massages, to techniques such as the shiatsu method. What completes the programme is the entrepreneurial component.

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Bellezi products
at Rijn IJssel

At levels 3 and 4 of the MBO (vocational education), students can become professionals in the beauty industry. Due to the diverse specializations practiced, it's important that a treatment chair or bed is multifunctional.

The Bellezi Velvet Evo W4 is a multifunctional bed with four motors and heating. The table narrows at the head end, making the face easily accessible. To make the bed even more resistant to external influences, Rijn IJssel chose the special aluminum base and the Carbon Black leather color. In collaboration with the Moreno stool, the bed forms a powerful duo for practical classrooms.

<strong>Bellezi products</strong><br />
at Rijn IJssel

Impression Beauty
Department Rijn IJssel

Impression Beauty <br />
<strong>Department Rijn IJssel</strong>

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The didactic approach of Rijn IJssel is also unique. Students are encouraged to study at their own pace. The five-week modules, concluded with practical assignments, ensure a structured and goal-oriented learning trajectory.

The well-being of the student is paramount. Thanks to the small-scale approach, everyone receives the necessary attention and guidance. This means not only knowledge transfer but also personal coaching to bring out the best in oneself.

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