Huidkliniek Twente
The Netherlands

In the middle of Almelo, you will find Huidkliniek Twente. The company has more than a decade of experience. Owner Loes opened her own place close to the city centre in 2021. It is the building of her dreams in a great location.

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Huidkliniek Twente

Huidkliniek Twente was founded by Loes Lammertink in 2011. Loes completed her training as a skin therapist in 2007. In its first years, the company did not have its own premises. During that time, it sat in various medical buildings. In 2021, the opportunity came to move the company to its own premises. Loes and her team could not pass up this opportunity. Huidkliniek Twente's team now consists of several skin therapists and a medical doctor.

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Velvet Evo W4 Pro Incl. heating

Huidkliniek Twente chose the wellness couch Velvet Evo W4 pro. This treatment couch has adjustable armrests, allowing the practitioner to work close to the client's face. Furthermore, the couch can be adjusted to a zero-gravity position. This is good for muscle pain and back pain, for example.

Sympatico Comfort

Besides the wellness couch, Huidkliniek Twente opted for the Sympatico Comfort. This tabouret has a backrest and a saddle seat. This promotes the practitioner's sitting posture. The colour and look of the Silverguard fabrics on the couch and tabouret match the luxury interior of the clinic perfectly.

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Huidkliniek Twente offers a variety of treatments. Many of the treatments focus on the client's face. These include HydraFacials and acne treatments. The dermatological clinic also removes permanent make-up by lasering.

In addition, it offers skin treatments for the entire body. These include microneedling or laser hair removal. Clients can also come here for tattoo removal. Like permanent make-up removal, this is done with laser treatments. The medical doctor, who works at the skin clinic, may also perform treatments such as injecting fillers

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