House Of Rituals

In honour of its 20th anniversary, Rituals has expanded its brand in 2020 with House Of Rituals. At House Of Rituals, you will enjoy the holistic experience of the Rituals brand. In addition to a retail shop, you can also find a restaurant, Body Spa and Mind Oasis inside the building.

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Velvet Evo W4 Pro Incl. heating

House Of Rituals selected the Velvet Evo W4 pro. These are used in combination with the chair covers. The light chair covers fit well with the soothing look of the Body Spa.

Sympatico Comfort

In addition to the wellness couches, House Of Rituals also chose the Sympatico Comfort tabourets. The tabourets are multifunctional. Not only do they provide an ergonomically correct position during facial treatments. They are also used during pedicure treatments.

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House Of Rituals

The Rituals brand was founded in Amsterdam in 2000. Rituals is a certified B Corp. This is an international recognition that a company has a major, positive impact on the environment and people. In 2020, the brand, known for personal care and fragrance experiences, opened a flagship store by the name: 'House Of Rituals'. At this location, the focus is not just on selling products. The shop offers a total package with spa and restaurant.

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<strong>House Of Rituals</strong>


House Of Rituals offers a wide range of treatments. These are treatments for both body and mind. At this location, body and facial treatments are offered at the 'Body Spa' section. This is a special area focused on the outer well-being of the body. Through massages, for example. House Of Rituals uses Rituals products. Rituals products are made with a minimum of 90% natural ingredients.

Besides the Body Spa, House Of Rituals has the 'Mind Oasis'. This includes all treatments for the mind. For example, House Of Rituals offers various guided meditations. All these meditations have mental health benefits, such as reducing stress.

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