Hotel Deimann

In the German town of Schmallenberg, you will find Hotel Deimann. The hotel is known for getting everything right. The hotel operates under the vision that puts the guest's optimal happiness first.

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Hotel Deimann

Besides staying overnight at Hotel Deimann, it also has a spa. This spa offers various options to unwind. The hotel has terraces where you can enjoy the quiet. The hotel offers a wide selection of vitality, wellness and beauty treatments. These include massages, HydraFacials and guided activities.

Furthermore, events are organized regularly. The restaurant serves breakfast and dinner daily. The hotel bar is also open every evening to make it a pleasant evening. Furthermore, the hotel is close to a golf course. So guests will not be bored.

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Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo Incl. heating

Hotel Deimann chose the Velvet Evo W4 pro podos. The multifunctional bed is stable thanks to its two aluminium columns. Also, the model's zero-gravity position can help promote circulation. The model is suitable for body and facial treatments. Hotel Deimann chose the colour Silverguard White with white base. This fits well with the soothing look of the hotel.

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Hotel Deimann is located in the Sauerland region. Sauerland is known for its beautiful nature. In winter, it is the ideal place to stay for your skiing holiday. The hotel is just under half an hour from the ski town Winterberg.

In summer, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings on foot or by bike. Several hiking and cycling routes run from Hotel Deimann. Hotel Deimann also offers the possibility of guided cycling tours. So you can discover the Sauerland region without any effort.

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