Het Schoonheidshuisje

Het Schoonheidshuisje is a beauty clinic in Schilde, Belgium. It consists of a team whose mission is to make women more confident and happier. They do this through various treatments.

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Het Schoonheidshuisje

Het Schoonheidshuisje was founded by Britt Anthoni in 2010. Britt is the manager of the institute and has a passion for beauty. Before starting Het Schoonheidshuisje, she completed several courses and gained a lot of experience.

Het Schoonheidshuisje has grown so much that it moved to larger and renovated premises in 2023. The company works with a number of beauticians who are continuously trained. This enables these beauticians to carry out treatments to perfection. Thanks to the various specialists employed, Het Schoonheidshuisje can offer a wide range of treatments carried out by trained beauticians.

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Het Schoonheidshuisje


Fasano W3 Incl. heating

Het Schoonheidshuisje is active in the beauty sector. Bellezi has various wellness benches for this purpose. Britt and her team chose the Fasano W3 and the Velvet Evo W4. Both wellness couches are designed for body and facial treatments. The wellness couches fit in with the salon's open and serene décor.

Velvet Evo W4 Incl. heating

In addition to the wellness couches, two different tabourets were chosen. The Arenal and the Torres Comfort. Both have a flat seat and are height adjustable. Unlike the Arenal, the Torres Comfort has a backrest. The height and position of the backrest can be adjusted.

Torres Comfort
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The team of beauticians, each with their own speciality, allows Het Schoonheidshuisje to offer many different treatments. Treatments covering everything from head to toe. For example, Het Schoonheidshuisje offers facials such as a medical peel or a hydrafacial. You can also opt for a skin analysis. This allows you to give your skin the care it deserves at home. You can also opt for an eyelash and eyebrow treatment.

In addition to all facial treatments, Het Schoonheidshuisje also offers treatments for the rest of the body, such as massages or manicures. Hair removal by waxing has been available for a long time, but since 2023 Het Schoonheidshuisje also offers laser treatments.

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