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For over three decades, Haparko Cosmetics has built a strong reputation as an important wholesaler in the Netherlands for renowned cosmetics and skincare brands. In 2023, the company completely renovated its training center and also equipped it with new heated wellness beds.

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Haparko Cosmetics
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Among the esteemed brands distributed by Haparko for years is Malu Wilz, renowned for its premium offerings in Skincare, Skin Enhancement, and Makeup. Furthermore, products from ContrÂge Cosmeceuticals, a Belgian brand celebrated for its highly effective chemical peels, are also featured.

In addition to the recent renovation of their training center, they are delighted to announce the newest addition to their product portfolio: Skinvisibles. This Swiss brand is backed by a team of seasoned experts in sun protection and cosmetics, embodying excellence and innovation.

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Haparko Cosmetics

Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo Incl. heating

The wholesaler has chosen the Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo wellness bed. This wellness bed is ideal for facial and body treatments. In addition to height adjustment, this bed also features a tilt function and adjustable back and leg sections.

Cloud 9 Cushion

The Cloud 9 cushion, introduced to the collection since 2023, offers essential comfort for those lying on the bed. Rounded support in the neck and a soft flat cushion under the head.


Recognizing that not all treatments can be conducted in a fully upright position, the Arenal stool has also been selected for its practical, minimalist design.

Delta L2

To ensure all products are within easy reach within this training space, Haparko utilizes the Delta L2 Trolley. The trolley provides Haparko with the storage capacity of two drawers and cushioned swivel wheels.

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Haparko Cosmetics
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For over 35 years, Haparko has been supplying the professional beauty salon and hairdresser industry. The organization's continuous commitment to quality and reliability has led to a strong reputation as a consistent cosmetics supplier in the Netherlands.

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