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hannah® Skincoach

Since 1979, Hannah has been standing for skin improvement! The combination of the unprecedented specialism in skin improvement, years of practical experience and the revolutionary connective has led together to an effective step-by-step plan for the skin. This unique total concept has as its main goal: effective and above all sustainable skin improvement for everyone!

Every day, more than 450 skin coaches in the Netherlands give advice to effectively cleanse and care for the skin to achieve skin improvement.

"Give your skin a chance."

Together with the brand

We have been able to customise the treatment chairs and beds for the Hannah Coaching Centre. We are proud to be part of the Hannah family in this way. In line with her corporate identity, the company has chosen to cover the chairs with SilverGuard artificial leather in the colour red.

Take a look at the treatment rooms

<p>From an eye-catching location on the Apeldoornsestraat in Voorthuizen, a very dedicated team of passionate women and a few (happy) men work on innovative product development and related treatment methods. Under the motto 'Give your skin a chance', the skin coaches work with a lot of passion every day and provide consistent guidance and intensive training.<br /></p>

More about hannah®

The total concept of Hannah also includes the entire line, produced in-house, which the skin coaches work with every day. During the development of these products, the mission was to bring the damaged skin back into balance and to give 'the skin' possibilities to recover. Skin ageing can also be delayed by this. Added value is quickly discovered when using these products.

Binnen het totaalconcept van Hannah valt ook de gehele lijn, geproduceerd vanuit eigen huis, waar de huidcoaches dagelijks mee werken. Bij de ontwikkeling van deze producten stond de missie voorop om de beschadigde huid weer in balans te brengen en hiermee ‘de huid’ mogelijkheden te bieden om te herstellen. Ook kan huidveroudering hierdoor vertraagd worden. Toegevoegde waarde wordt snel ontdekt bij het gebruik van deze producten.

The unique Hannah Coaching Centre, located on the beautiful estate in Voorthuizen. The Hannah skin coaches in the Coaching Centre have years of practical experience. These absolute specialists are therefore able, like no other, to provide both the professional and the consumer with the best possible information, treatments, knowledge, and tips!

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