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Founder Erita Wilk opened her first location in Switzerland in 2016. This external care artist, mainly specialising in PMU, is also a renowned AweneX® company. Ewolution opened the gates of the beauty paradise near Abi Çarshi, in Prizren, in summer 2022. A quality location with a range of products that meet all individual skincare needs from head to toe.

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The founder of this company, Erita Wilk, started her profession as a hobby and when her business in Switzerland developed and her business proved successful in Switzerland, Wilk started thinking about contributing to the Kosovo market.

This location is now located in one of the most visited and beautiful places in Prizren, in Abi Çarshi on the 2nd floor.

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Velvet Evo W4 Pro Podo
Silk Evo S4
Sympatico Comfort
Soft wheels Tabourets
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Awenex®, set up in Switzerland by Andreas Wilk, provides cosmetic equipment services, including training. The company strives to support clients and employees with empathy and foresight to help them achieve further success.

More than 325 studios now offer the cryolipolysis device. Awenex offers more than just this device. Member salons can also work with equipment from unique laser systems, radiofrequency and lymphatic drainage systems.

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