Esė Hotel SPA & Gastrobar

Esė Hotel SPA & Gastrobar is a hotel in the Lithuanian town of Birštonas. Besides offering accommodation, the hotel also offers a peaceful spa and a cosy gastrobar. Furthermore, the hotel offers the possibility of organising events.

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Esė Hotel SPA & Gastrobar

The Esė Hotel features a luxurious spa where a massage is also available. Besides traditional massages with a masseur, the spa also offers dry jet massages. No masseur is present here, allowing you to unwind on your own.

For a facial, the Esė Hotel's spa is also the right place. The hotel works with VOYA products. VOYA is a brand with products for body and face. All these products are made from seaweed. Seaweed has several benefits for the skin, such as draining waste products and improving blood circulation.

Apart from the spa, the Esė Hotel also has a gastrobar. This restaurant serves daily breakfast during your stay. In addition, dinner or a drink in the evening is also possible.

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Esė Hotel SPA & Gastrobar


Avivo W4 Pro Incl. heating

The Esė Hotel SPA & Gastrobar has chosen the Avivo W4 pro. This model has an adjustable headrest and armrests that can change position. In addition, the hotel opted for the Sympatico Comfort. This is a tabouret with saddle seat and a backrest. The Esė Hotel has a luxurious look and feel. The dark colours of the treatment couch and the tabouret match this well.

Sympatico Comfort
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Esė Hotel SPA & Gastrobar

Esė Hotel SPA & Gastrobar is located in the middle of a wooded area and near a river. Near the hotel are several hiking trails and cycling paths to fill your day. From the hotel, you look into the forest nature. You can also admire the view from the spa.

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<strong>Esė Hotel SPA & Gastrobar</strong>